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posted 4/4/2005 by The GN Staff
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GamingNexus:Is this a developer only tool or do you see other people on a project team using it?

Chris Satchell: XNA Studio is for all members of the game production team from artists to designers to programmers to producers to QA. To enable a successful game development team in the HD Era you need to make sure all disciplines within the team are fully integrated into the production process. This is why we are targeting tailored interfaces to the core XNA Studio services; so that team members can take advantage of the features, such as asset management and workflow, in a way that fits their work style.

GamingNexus:One of the great things about Visual Studio is it’s extensibility (third party developers can build add-ons), is this functionality retained in XNA studio?

Chris Satchell: Yes. Third part developers can extend XNA Studio through the Visual Studio Integration Program (VSIP) program in exactly the same way they can extend Visual Studio today. XNA Studio will also support Visual Studios add-ins.

GamingNexus:This may be kind of a stupid question but one of the killer features for Visual Studio 2005 is the new DSL software modeling tool (Whitehorse), is there a similar product for XNA studio or is that something that game developers would not need?

Chris Satchell: Visual Studio 2005 has a lot of great modeling tools for different domain areas. We are talking to game developers about what modeling tools might be useful when creating games. However what we are focusing on in the first release is solving the challenges we know developers have as they make the transition into the ED Era of gaming. This is why we are delivering the build pipeline and fully integrated suite of digital collaboration tools.

We’d like that thank Chris for taking the time to answer our questions as well as to Ted B for hooking us up with the interview. Anything that helps developers build games quicker (and hopefully cheaper) has got to be good news for gamers.

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