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posted 4/4/2005 by The GN Staff
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GamingNexus: Did you receive any feedback from game developers on how to enhance the tools?

Chris Satchell: Everything we do in the XNA program is driven by listening to the game development community and planning around what they need. We didn’t invent all the ideas going into XNA studio; we talked to the community and found that much of the thinking aligned. Everyone is facing similar problems and often developers know what they need to be productive they just do not have the resources to build the required solution. By building on VS2005 we can use the huge investment Microsoft has made in developer tools to solve these problems for the game development community.

We will continue to spend a significant amount of time working with game developers, publishers and game middleware companies to understand how best to enhance our hardware, software, services so that they have the tools to deliver their creative visions to customers.

GamingNexus: Will you be taking into account game developer's comments on the tools to improve on XNA?

Chris Satchell: Absolutely. Just as we continually take and act on developer feedback with in our DirectX and Xbox programs, we will follow that pattern with XNA. We only succeed if we solve game development problems and make developers more productive. The only way to do this is to listen to feedback and incorporate it into your design.

GamingNexus: What are some of the praises from developers already using XNA? What are some of the negatives?

Chris Satchell: We continually get great feedback from developers on our development tools and libraries for both Windows and Xbox. Developer love PIX, it has become the standard for graphical debugging and optimization. Nearly every Xbox development team use it and now windows developers and starting to follow suit. We also found that developers really appreciated how similar and familiar we made the development environments between Xbox, Windows and our next generation console. We continually get feedback on how easy it is to transfer their ideas and systems between the platforms. Being able to concentrate on creativity rather than relearning everything as you move platforms is the one of the key XNA tenants.

GamingNexus: Is XNA studio/XNA limited to just developing Xbox, Xenon, and PC games or could it be used to develop games for other platforms?

Chris Satchell: Our priority is always to make sure the Microsoft gaming platforms are always the best platforms for developers to realize their vision. However, since Windows is the de facto platform for game development, and XNA Studio is based on the incredibly popular Visual Studio suite which is used to deliver on just about every target platform there is, so we think developers will use XNA studio for cross platform development. The reality is we can add components and services to XNA on our platforms that make it even easier for developers to develop their games.
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