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posted 6/29/2010 by Chad Smith
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As the name implies, the garage is where you keep all of the vehicles that you have purchased. You can buy, sell, upgrade, repair and reload ammunition for each one. Such actions are accomplished by spending in-game coins or experience earned in every battle played. Each player can own a number of vehicles at once but trying to maintain all of them can get expensive very quickly.

The benefit of having multiple tanks can be illustrated with this example. Let’s say I own three tanks: a light tank, a self-propelled gun, and a heavy tank. I take the first tank into a match and am destroyed almost at the very beginning. I can exit the match (while the battle is still being played out by the rest of the team) and enter my garage. The light tank will show unavailable because it’s still in the first battle, but I can immediately take one of my other tanks into a new match. This system creates very little down-time and enables me to be involved in nearly constant action.

I previously mentioned the impressively detailed tanks, but let’s take a moment to discuss the other visuals. For the most part, World of Tanks creates realistic environments. Many of the maps feature destructible fences, trees, electric poles and even buildings. Rolling into a rural home (accidentally or not) will cause part of it to collapse. Stationary trains provide good cover in other areas.

A number of the maps are downright ugly, though. It’s most notable in urban settings where building models are rudimentary and use low resolution textures. It’s only a few maps but that makes them even more noticeable. If can give it a little more TLC (it is a beta after all) then players will be in for a real visual treat.

My time with World of Tanks was, in a word, addictive. There are a lot of good ideas that are being utilized to create a unique experience. World of Tanks is definitely a title to keep tabs on and could easily be sold in retail when it’s released this fall. The fact that it’s going to be free-to-play only makes it that much more appealing.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

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