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posted 4/15/2005 by Phillip Ellis
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Talk about someone who has been out of soccer for years. The last soccer game I played religiously was back on Super Nintendo. That was so long ago I cannot even remember the name of the game, simply that Germany was too freaking good on that game to ever be beaten.

Not anymore baby!

Now my beloved Americans are right up there near the top with everyone else. I used to play soccer as a kid. And when I say kid, I mean kid. It wasn’t too long ago, but back when I was about seven or eight years old. It was my first sport. You know, when you’re that young it’s a fun game. Run up and down the field early in the morning and score. So I do have some sort of expertise when talking about soccer. Although I did score ten goals in one game and find myself thinking that should happen in this game sometimes.

World Tour 2006 is very easy to just pick up and play, and I think that is what has made this game enjoyable to me. That, and the fact that it has been many years since I last even tried a soccer game. I see I was missing a whole different world.

World Tour Soccer 2006 is probably the only soccer game with this many licenses around. Winning Eleven works off of no licenses, and Fifa simply runs off of the FIFA License. World Tour 2006 includes many of the world’s greatest players. Over 19,000 real life players are included on this game. Chances are if you watch soccer, your favorite player will be somewhere on this game. The game offers 935 teams. 935. That is a number that is unmatched in any other soccer game to date.

Finally, a PS2 game taking advantage of the Eye Toy. Ever since the release of Eye Toy I have wondered which games would take advantage of it. It is obvious that 989 Sports is attempting to make use of it with their 2006 titles. Use the Eye Toy camera to put yourself into the game. Now, how awesome is that? It’s just one of those cool touches that help make this soccer game even more enjoyable for a casual gamer such as myself.

The game looks and sounds like that of an actual soccer game. The sounds are pretty well done. Every now and then the crowd will chant some stuff, but nothing like that of the Fifa or Winning Eleven games. The crowd does not seem as rowdy as it should be for World Tour Soccer. You see all the time on the news about fights between the fans of soccer crowds, and while I know nobody likes to associate that with the game, it very much is a part of the game. Sony would have been better off here to include a rowdy crowd that makes a lot of noise. Be able to hear the chants clearly, and make them more frequent. The crowd does react to the game in a very good fashion though, and everything looks in place.
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