Wolverine's Revenge


posted 5/15/2003 by Charles Husemann
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One Page Platforms: Xbox
In conjunction with the new X-Men movie, Activision has published X2:Wolverine’s Revenge to take advantage of some of the hype generated by the movie. The Xbox version was developed by Gene Pool.

The game’s primary focus is probably one of the more beloved X-men, Wolverine. The short Canadian badass is in full-effect in the game and you get to have a lot of fun with the little guy. The game starts with Wolverine escaping from the Weapon-X project where he was “given” his adamantium skeleton. The game then catapults into the present where you learn that along with the new skeleton, Wolverine was also given the Shiva virus and that his mutant healing ability has finally broken down enough to where the virus now poses a threat. It is up to you to take Wolverine back to the Weapon-X facility and find a cure before the virus runs it’s course.

The plot and design elements of the game are a combination of new elements, elements from the comics, and elements from the new movie (especially concerning costume design). This may cause a little confusion for those who are steeped in the Marvel mythos but once you get a little further into the story it comes together pretty well. I have to admit, it was extremely cool to start the game out with the Weapon X facility. The game lifted many of its design elements from the old Wolverine Weapon X comic series. The rest of the plot is good and you run into quite a few other major players from the Marvel universe. There are a few plot holes and a few impressive coincidences but nothing too unbelievable. Like the movie there are also a few small winks thrown to those who followed the comic book which is a nice touch (although this will probably piss Charlie off…)

The voice acting in the game is excellent for the most part. Mark “Don’t call me Luke” Hamill does the voice work for Wolverine and he does a damn good job (which is not un-expected, the guy has done some amazing voice work over the last decade or so). Patrick Stewart provides the voice for Professor X (providing the major link between the game and the movie) and he does a good job as well. The rest of the voice acting is above average (although the voice of Colossus was a bit off in my opinion).

The graphics for the game are excellent and have a nice comic book look to them. The designers did a good job of applying a consistent look and feel to the game and the attention to detail is high. The animations are well done and the animators did a great job of making sure that each character moved how they should.
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