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posted 2/21/2005 by John Yan
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Previously, we reviewed Leadtek’s WinFast PX6600 GT TDH. It was a great card for the mid-range area and is SLI capable. Well what about us AGP folks who don’t want to upgrade just yet? NVIDIA hasn’t left you out in the dust as they have an AGP version of the card and that’s what we have today.

The WinFast A6600 GT TDH features the NV43 GPU and it’s built on the 0.11 micron process. Features of the chipset include 8 pixel pipelines with 3 vertex units. To help make up for the cut in pipelines, the card is clocked high at 500MHz for the GPU and 450MHz (900GHz DDR) for the memory. It’s a slight change from the PCI-E version where it was 500MHz for the memory. The potential memory bandwidth is 14. GB/s and the fill rate have a theoretical rate of 4 billion texels/s. And since its part of the NV40 process, the card chipset has all the feature support that the higher end parts do. So, for example, if you want Shader Model 3.0 for an inexpensive price the GeForce 6600 series is the one to get.

The card’s length is equal to that of the PCI-E version and that makes it a short card. Leadtek seems to have done away with the mesh screen cooler, opting for an open fan design. Some people liked it, some don’t so those that hated the mesh screen will be happy to see it gone. The move to AGP also forces the card to have an external power supply connection because the AGP port doesn’t supply enough power to the card. Finally, one VGA, one DVI, and one breakout box connector encompasses the connection options for this card.

NVIDIA developed a PCI-E to AGP bridge so that they could use the same technology from the PCI-E incarnation with an AGP interface. As you can see from picture, there’s a heatsink attached to the bridge. The bridge technology will allow NVIDIA to turn any native PCI-E card into AGP variants so until we all move to PCI-E, you’ll probably be seeing new cards from them using the bridge.

Leadtek’s bundle has always been pretty good and they have enough software here to really bring this package up in value. You get a DVD player, Coloreal software, and two good games in Prince of Persia and Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow.

For the test system, we are going to focus on how fast it is compared to the PCI-E part. Using the 66.93 drivers, we ran the same tests on both systems. I'm going to let the benchmarks run through without much commentary but you'll find the speed of the AGP version will be a little less than the PCI-E card from Leadtek.

Our test system includes:

AMD64 3800+
2 - 258MB OCZ Ram
120 GIG Maxtor 7200 RPM HD
Windows XP w/ Service Pack 2
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