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posted 12/4/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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I admit that I was pretty upset when Whirl Tour managed to show up on my desk. I had made my intentions to avoid having to review it as adamant as possible, surely someone would have heard me right? I mean, who wants to review a game starring a scooter-toting kid as he tries to reunite the lost members of his favorite band? As odd as this might sound, I’m pretty glad that my cries fell upon deaf ears because Whirl Tour is actually one of the more pleasant surprises that have come my way this year.

As mentioned above, the game revolves around the disappearance of the band ‘Flipside’. The lights flicker and they are sucked into the sky one by one. Of course the band’s roadie, Wasa B. (an obvious play on words) just happens to witness the whole thing. After watching the disappearances on video tape he does what any other band roadie would do, he grabs his scooter (yes I said scooter) and sets out to rescue them. How you may ask? By doing lots of tricks and doing random things like collecting CDs and fighting bosses. All right, so the idea behind the game might not win any awards but at least someone’s trying to spruce up the rapidly staling “xtreme” by injecting a storyline into it.

The levels are the highlight of the game and are quite excellent, especially for a first time effort. The levels take place in quite a wide variety including a theme park, a castle and a suburban neighborhood, each of them brining a new experience to the table. They look quite simple and bland at first, but play on for awhile and you’re bound to notice some amazing features and designs. Sometimes you’ll just be moving along and tricking off of everything in sight when all of a sudden you trick off the statue only to see it fall down and open up a whole new part of the level. Other times it’s something as simple as grinding a switch to open up a door. Furthermore, defeating the level’s two bosses will open up an entirely new area of the level for you to tear up. These are some huge levels filled with infinite trick lines that will no doubt keep you entertained for hours.

Some of the goals are rather irritating though and it is in this respect that the game tends to lag behind the competition. I’m not a big fan of the goals where you have to collect X number of objects, it just really seems to defeat the purpose of the game. Unfortunately these types of goals dominate the levels for the most part, damn you RARE! Damn you and your black hearts! This is quite sad as there are some fun goals such as one that requires you to grind through the loop of a rollercoaster track. Then sometimes you’ll find some absurd goals that will require you to destroy the hidden power transformer. Interesting additions but they tend to derail the game more than help it along.
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