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posted 2/27/2003 by The GN Staff
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Charles Husemann - Editor-in-Chief

I was a little disappointed with Unreal II just because my expectations were so high. The game looks great and there are a lot of elements that are really cool about the game but given its short length I just get the feeling that there could have been more. I also get the feeling that the game was partially a technology demo to show off what the engine could do to help sell licenses for the engine (it’s the same feeling I got with Quake 3).

Matt Mirkovich - Staff Writer

I'm going with Devil May Cry 2 on this one. The reason behind that mostly ies in the fact that this title had so much hype and so much it had to ive up to and simply didn't. It had it's cool elements but nothing that I haven't seen done before or better for that matter. This game has to live in the shadow of the first Devil May Cry, maybe if that game didn't exist then yes I would be a lot less disappointed, or I might have even been blown away. But when you create a new franchise and start making sequels, disband the original team and try to make all these radical changes then you're setting up for something that sounds great in concept, but execution is just lacking. This title was going to get me excited about the new year, but now I'm looking to Zone of the Enders 2 to get me excited about this year.

James Stevenson - Cinescape Magazine, Contributor, All-Around Good Guy

I suppose I've had two major disappointments so far this year. The first is that The Getaway really does suck. It's not remotely as entertaining as I had hoped it would be. The main problem stems from that it tries to be a movie and game at the same time and does neither very well. It's just an average movie, and the game aspects are unrealistic and far too easy. It seems that presentation took front seat ahead of gameplay, always a bad thing for a game. Back when Charlie and I saw this at the Gamers' Day in San Francisco, I thought it had potential, but ultimately it just falls on its face.

The other major disappointment is Devil May Cry 2. There was some magical quality about the original DMC. It seems as if this has been stripped from the sequel and instead you're left with a fairly uninspired sequel that screams mediocrity. Oh well - at least the original is still just as fun, and only a $20 bargain title now.

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