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posted 2/27/2003 by The GN Staff
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John Yan - Senior Hardware Editor

My most disappointing game of 2003 so far has been Unreal II: The Awakening. Sure it looks pretty and has some really nice scripted events but those are few and far between. The game started out great though with gorgeous graphics and incredible fire effects. I really enjoyed the sniper scenario and the commanding of the troops to defend the base but other than that, the game was way too short. If I bought it and finished it in a little over five hours then I would've been very upset I paid $50. A co-op mode might have made me enjoyed the game a little more as that's how I went through the first Unreal. It's certainly not the game I waited all these years for.

Tyler Sager - Staff Writer, Resident RPG Whipping Boy

There haven’t been that many disappointments for me thus far in 2003. All of this year’s offerings I’ve played, I’ve enjoyed. My biggest disappointment is actually in a genre that I usually don’t care for—first person shooters. I don’t like the multiplayer arena all that much, so I tend to stick with games like Deus Ex and the Thief series. And then comes Unreal 2, a very-much-hyped single-player-only offering. Interesting, and worth a look. Because I tend to shy away from FPS games in general, I waited for the reviews before shelling out my hard-earned cash. I was quite disappointed to find mostly underwhelming marks across the board. There was certainly not enough glowing praise to pull me away from the blissful glut of RPGs that have since come my way. Guess I’ll just have to wait until Deus Ex 2 to scratch that FPS itch…

Charlie Sinhaseni - Senior Editor

Let's see, there was Devil May Cry 2, but that was slightly tolerable. There was Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball but I had a hunch that it was going to fail. I guess that leaves us Unreal II, the biggest disappointment thus far. This is especially demoralizing because the sequel to its online variant, Unreal Tournament was a damn fine game. This single-player romp through foreign planets was just too bland for me and the fact that it could be completed in a dedicated night didn't help matters too much either.

Did I mention the crippling bugs that plagued virtually every single outing? Turning on EAX causes the game to crash uncontrollably while using nVidia drivers from the 38.xx family causes strange texture corruption and tears. If you're going to recommend a piece of hardware on the box of the game at least have the decency to test it and make sure that it works.

It's okay though, there's always patches right? Let's see if someone can come up with a patch that makes the game fun.
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