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posted 1/26/2004 by The GN Staff
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John Yan – Senior Hardware Editor
Half-Life 2 This game would’ve been one of my top picks of 2003 had it been released on the original release date announced. To say I was impressed with what I saw of the game at E3 would be a big understatement. Half-Life 2 is one of the games of 2004 that I am most anxious to play and the reasons should be obvious.

Doom 3 Is it still on track for 2004? It would seem so and the folks at iD Software looks to bring a very scary single player experience to the PC. The graphics are dark but the models and lighting are very impressive. Doom 3 shouldn’t disappoint those waiting for the next great game from iD.

NCAA Football 2005Every year I look forward to EA’s next iteration of their college football game. I really enjoyed 2004 and can’t wait for 2005. Now if only EA and Microsoft would play nice and have Xbox Live capabilities in it.

ATI and NVIDIA’s next As always, I look forward to what the two big graphics makers have in store next. The war between the two has been pretty heated the past few years and I look for NVIDIA to come out swinging to try and grab the graphics spotlight back onto them. And I also look for ATI to keep putting pressure on NVIDIA by producing high quality products.

ABIT’s latest line With the recent announcement of ABIT producing ATI cards, I am really interested to see what spin they put on them. Also, the motherboards they produce are always top notch products and I am really looking forward to what they have for 2004.

Ben Zachheim – Staff Writer
Halo 2 If Bungie doesn’t deliver on its promise to follow up one of my top five games of all time I will go Vin Diesel on their ass. If they follow up with a dud I will go Carrot Top on the ass.

Doom 3 The year of the sequels! This is gonna come out right? Please? I built a computer that is Doom3 ready. That’s how much I look forward to this one.

Half-Life 2 – I am searching out the thief who took the code and I plan on using this force feedback joystick on him. I wrote a Half-Life 2 clause into my pre-nup to prepare my wife for my disappearance.

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