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posted 6/9/2010 by Charles Husemann
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5. Console presentations should focus on exclusives not multi-platform games
One of the things that's driven me nuts over the last few years is watching Sony and Microsoft trot out multi-platform games in their presentations.  I get that Call of Duty is going to be awesome on the Xbox 360 but I also know that it's going to be just as awesome on the PS3 which is why I don't know why Microsoft burned 20+ minutes showing the game off at their press conference last year.  Unless you've got some exclusive DLC then let someone else show the game and focus on telling us why you're going to burying the PS3 this year. 

I know there's probably some glad handing going on behind the scenes for these kinds of promotions but I'd rather have an extra 5-10 minutes of Gears of War 3 or Halo Reach footage this year than seeing 15 minutes of Black Ops footage.  Focus on what makes your platform unique and let the third parties do their things at their press conferences or on the show floor.

6. Get the casual/non-core stuff out of the way early
We know that each game company is going to have a lot of games that we don't care about.  Probably an entire line of games aimed at children, teenage girls, and soccer moms and we know you have to show them at your show.  My suggestion is to get them out of the way early so that we can focus on the stuff we're all there to see.  There's nothing like having a line of great games interrupted by Barbie Show Horse game number seven or the line of games aimed at teenage girls ("My First Babysitting Experience," Dressing Up For a Big Date," and "OMG I'm Pregnant").  Get them out of the way so we can get to the meat and potatoes.

I would even go as far as to schedule when the big name games are going to start so we can all go to the bathroom or grab something to eat or drink.  This seems like a win-win situation for everyone, so let's make this happen

7. Every one gets one and exactly one Black Eyed Peas song, please coordinate ahead of time

I'm not sure if all the companies hire the same DJ but every presentation seems to have the same Black Eyed Peas song.  Last year it was Boom Boom Pow and I'm guessing we'll be hearing I've got a Feeling over and over again before the lights dim. 

I propose the following assignments of songs:
 - Microsoft- I've got a feeling
 - Sony - Imma Be
 - Nintendo - Boom Boom Pow
 - Electronic Arts - My Humps
 - Activision - Missing You (Infinity Ward)
 - Ubisoft - Shut Up (James Cameron)

Feel free to swap amongst yourselves, but let's coordinate so we get some variety.
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