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posted 8/31/2007 by Dan Keener
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The Westinghouse SK-32H240S was chosen as one of the inaugural Televisions to be reviewed for the “Hooked Up” series because of our expectations of what it should be  capable of from a gamer’s perspective. The price point, size and capabilities put it squarely in the midst of what gamers have come to expect for their rigs. On with the show….

The Specs
Model: Westinghouse SK-32H240S
Avg. Retail Price: $699
Native resolution: 1366 x 768 @ 60Hz
Contrast: 1200:1
Response Time: 8ms
Lamp Life 50,000 hours
Dimensions: 31.4 W x 24.3 H x 8.9 D (w/ Base)
Weight: 32 lbs (w/ Base)
Mounting Pattern: 8-hole, compatible with 75mm and 100mm VESA pattern
Inputs: 2 HDMI
2 Component
1 S-Video
1 RF (Coax)
Outputs: 1 Fiber Optic
5 Analog Audio

Out of the Box
The Westinghouse SK-32H240S LCD comes packaged with a standard setup, designed to keep the TV away from the outer edges of the box and out of harms way, while also protecting the screen and metallic finish. Upon opening the narrow box, the unit will be found encased in a large “soft” bag and plastic end pieces to keep it centered. There will be a protective cover over both the screen and the satin finish of the metal trim (where the speakers reside.) The only part of the TV that comes in contact with the outer edges of the box is the bottom of the base.
In addition to the television and packing materials, the box should contain a quick reference guide, a package containing the power cord, remote, two ‘AAA’ batteries, Manual and Warranty info and a large bag of silica to prevent moisture.
The TV itself comes pre-mounted to the base, but it is easily wall hangable with the universal mounting options on the back. If you are looking for wall-mounting hardware, it comes with the wall mount, not with the TV. The mount is standard 8-hole, with support for both 75mm and 100mm VESA pattern.
The Westinghouse SK-32H240S is a good TV to look at, with a satin black finish, tight lines and a sporty silver trim around the speaker grill.  There is little wasted space, as the low profile and speaker positioning keep the facade very simple, yet elegant.
The control buttons (power, channel, volume and menu) are grouped on the right side behind the bezel. The rear inputs are positioned vertically on both sides, so as to create a cascading effect (Waterfall cable management) with the cables, which keeps them hidden from view from the front.
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