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posted 3/24/2009 by Nathan Murray
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After that we still haven’t gotten into the different game modes yet. There are five different game modes in total. The three major game modes, and really the reason to get the game, are relive, rewrite, and recreate. Each match in these three modes is unique to that mode which is unfortunate because if each match had been used for all three modes it would have added a lot more play time to the game disc without much more effort. The goal for relive, rewrite, and recreate is to not just win but play the match in a way that recreates or rewrites history. This is achieved by objectives that must be completed in order to unlock medals which in turn unlock things(like new costumes) However achieving the objectives is not required for continuing on in the series of matches for that mode.

Relive places you in the shoes of the winner of a classic match in Wrestlemania history with the objectives being much more specific on what you should do to earn a medal. Rewrite has you playing as the loser of a match and changes the match type from what it was in the past. The objectives for the rewrite mode are generally less specific than the relive mode. In the recreate game mode you can select the winner or loser of a match and the rules have changed from the original. Naturally the objectives for recreate mode are very nonspecific so they can apply to both wrestlers.

Outside of the three major game modes we have a survival style legend killer mode where you can put your created legend to hard work and the standard exhibition mode that allows you to arrange a match however you want. The legend killer mode is the only way to improve the stats of your created wrestler and this is done by earning experience points during one of the ten match gauntlets and then applied afterwards to one of 5 different attributes.

The point based system for the attributes allows for tweaking so you can add experience points into areas like durability and strike which are essential however the higher the attribute point the more experience is required to purchase that point so it is generally more beneficial to spread out the experience so your created wrestler grows in strength overall gradually rather than maxing out on attribute and still being weak in others. The experience earned during matches is based on your performance for that match and while I will not break down the list here I will suggest that winning consecutive matches is one of the best ways to get extra experience for your wrestler quickly.

Audio for Legends is well done the entrance tracks for each legend are here and even the ones that originally did not have entrance music had new tracks created for them. The commentary is provided by the same voices frin SvR 09, Taz and that other guy (ok I do like Taz more) and while some fans maybe a bit disappointed that some of the old announcers weren’t recorded for the game the current ones do a fine job and the dialog is context sensitive so they will break out of their banter every once and a while to spout “and there’s the elbow” and so on. The crowds roar paces the match fairly well (despite them looking less than stellar) and strangely enough I didn’t really notice any grunts and groans coming from the legends as they were being smacked around.

If you’re looking for achievements this might be the game for you. With very few achievements worth at the very least 30 points each it doesn’t take a lot of effort to get a bunch of points. The hardest achievement to get would possibly be the “complete a match only using grapples” achievement named grapple mania. Rent it for the weekend and play for about 8 hours and you could feasibly get all the achievements in the game without much trouble.

Well we’ve reached the end of this long review and I’m bet you’re wondering “He’s described the game a lot but what’s his opinion?” The answer is difficult. This game has some great things going for it but doesn’t offer much content. The three major game modes, though short lived, do offer some great nostalgia for wrestling fans and the option to incorporate wrestlers from SvR 09 offers some great match combinations. I did enjoy the simplified controls and video clips but with not a lot of different game modes to explorer there wasn’t much content left on the disc I hadn’t beaten or watch after about 10 hours total play time. This game truly is for fans but I have a word of caution. The arcade style controls and game pay aren’t for everyone. Thankfully there are demos for WWE Legends of Wrestlemania on both Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network so you can try it out if you have a high speed internet connection. My advice is that if you try the demo and like the controls then you should consider buying or renting Legends and if not then it might behoove you to just stick with a copy of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.

WWE Legends of Wrestlemania is what I like to call casual core game, easy to learn hard to master, and excels at giving fans nostalgia for the past glory days of wrestling with the Relive, Rewrite, and Recreate modes. However the create a legend and survival style legend killer mode does little to add any depth or worthwhile content to the game. The simplified controls are great for a younger audience and fans of a simpler time in video games. For older fans of the WWE this may seem like a quaint amusement or history lessen rather than a game to replace their copy of WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009.

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