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posted 9/24/2010 by Dan Keener
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Out of the Box
The packaging for the Vivitek 1080FD looks like your run-of the-mill cardboard box until you actually crack it open. Inside, the first thing that jumps out at you is that the entire projector is encased in one of those rigid, plastic “air shells”. It is actually two pieces that fit together to form a four-sided shell, but these really do the job and IMO, are better for the projector and protect it more than a standard foam wrap and egg crate dies ever can. As for the projector itself, it is covered with a film to protect it against scratches during the shipping process.

In addition, the box also contains the remote, manual (on CD), AC power cord, component Cable, batteries, lens cap and warranty cards.

As I have mentioned in previous reviews, I am a huge fan of a gloss finish on projectors, especially if they will be out in the open in your home theater/gaming setup. So I naturally the Vivitek 1080FD and its beautiful gleaming-white sheen caught my eye. One huge advantage that glossy white has over glossy black is that fingerprints and dust do not tend to show up as pronounced, which means you have to really look for them. As for the rest of the chassis, the vents on the side give it a cool “swept” look that blend in nicely with the chrome trim. The main buttons themselves are not only tucked in close to the chassis so they don’t stand out, but are laid out with an excellent thought process that allows 10 buttons to be in a 2.5” square area.

The back panel of the 1080FD has a nice mix of digital and analog inputs and is laid out smartly. Whether the projector is ceiling mounted or table-mounted, the video inputs (HDMI x2, component, S-Video, USB, composite and VGA) are located on the same level, with the audio inputs and outputs (mini-jack in and out as well as RCA in) in the next row. The rest of the back panel has an RS-232c jack, DC Trigger, lock, power connector and the mono speaker. All in all, the 1080FD back panel looks clean and won’t be unsightly if the projector is mounted out in the open.
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