Video Games and Music: Bringing the Mainstream to the Niche


posted 1/29/2004 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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Charlie - Are you guys video game fans?

Spencer - I'm a fan, but kind of a "behind-the-times" fan; I'm currently stuck with only a PSOne and a pretty weak catalogue of games.

Steve: Let me put it this way: If we didn’t have to make money to pay bills, we’d all spend the majority of our
days playing video games. Okay, so maybe that’s not completely true. Maybe only 75% of our days. Okay, maybe 80%. Yeah, probably 80%. Or maybe 85%.

Lowridin', Utah style

Charlie - How do you feel when you're playing the game and your music suddenly blares through your speakers?

Spencer - I've only been able to play it once over at Bobby's, cause he's the one with the Xbox. He's such a die-hard, he actually bought the game before our copies came in the mail. We set up a time one Saturday to go over and have an Amped-fest, and before we got there, he had characters all made up for each of us with our nicknames and our corresponding snowboarding outfits — pretty funny. It was totally rad to hear our songs while we were playing, totally rad.

Steve - It depends. Amped 2 is a hard game to play so if I’m doing good and the song comes on, I feel great. If I’m doing poorly and the song comes on, I feel as though I’d just been kicked square in the chuckle. I just wanted to say chuckle. In all honesty, yeah, it’s really cool. I mean, we’ve grown up playing video games and getting into the bands that were featured on the games, so it’s really cool to be on the game and hopefully be a band that kids dig when playing it.

Charlie - Gaming ineptitude aside, why don't you tell us a bit about your music. Who are your influences?

Spencer - I'd say HRS is a rock band with hooks, harmonies, and the ocassional guitarmony. I grew up skating and snowboarding, so naturally I listened to a lot of punk and hardcore. Some of my favorite bands/influences are Swiz, Dag Nasty, All, and Reason to Believe, but I would have to say my all-time favorite singer/songwriter is Nick Drake.

Steve - I think everybody in the band would answer this differently. As for me, I think we’re a straight up rock band. We are a mix up of four guys who all have different influences and bring those inspirations to the table. The result is a pretty unique blend of rock. As for actual bands, my influences would include The Foo Fighters, Jimmy Eat World, The Jealous Sound, Saves The Day, Hey Mercedes, The New Transit Direction, and more. You know, stuff like that.
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