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posted 3/4/2009 by The GN Staff
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With reportedly over 50 stealth-kill animations, it's safe to say that Velvet Assassin will mainly be sticking to the shadows. Still, many stealth game developers feel the need to mix up the gameplay with shooter action. Will Violette be doing this?
In some situations you might get along if you play the game as a shooter, but those moments are really few. We decided to be consequent and so in most parts the game will be unforgiving if you play it too action-style. It is definitely meant to be more stealth than action.

What's the hardest part about designing a stealth game? How will Velvet Assassin differ from other games in the genre?
The hardest part consists of many things going together: You have many ideas, a great concept, so many things you want to do better than they have been done in other games on the market – and then on the other side you have this plan with limitations of time and budget that make fulfilling your great plans nearly impossible. On Velvet Assassin we have worked with about 25 people and this was more than a challenge. But we hope that gamers value our passion for the game…

From what we've seen Velvet Assassin has an interesting approach to death as the character mis-remembers things and you get to replay the level. How did you come up with that approach and why did you move away from the standard die and reload approach?
The mis-remembering-death is a creative approach we decided on because it can be perfectly combined with the narrative element of morphine. Morphine and this type of death we use is a symbiosis that contributes to the attractiveness of the gameplay.

What's this we hear about a "taint stab"? How did you come up with this particular attack? If taint stab made it into the game, what didn't make the cut?
How we came up with a “taint stab”? Put a bunch of game developers during their lunch-break together in one small room and let them do the standard talk developer nerds do…Everyone was thinking about the craziest ideas how to vary the silent kills in the most interesting way for the gamers – and so this one idea obviously came up!

Any tips for people when they pick up the game? Are there any things that you recommend people do or areas they should explore while playing the game?
Yes, sure, the most important thing is to be smart. The game is really composed as a stealth game and you should keep that in mind during the game instead of getting your hands on your gun too fast…

Is there anything we missed that you think is important to talk about?
The release date of course: End of April.

We'd like to thank Inga for taking the time to answer our questions and to our good friend Stephanie for helping to setup the interview.

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