posted 11/11/2010 by Tina Amini
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Vanquish is by no means a perfect game. It won’t win Game of the Year, and it probably won’t make a lasting impression in the roster of video games that have been released. It is, however, a very reasonably fun game that is worth playing until the end.

The third-person shooter revolves around a very familiar theme for its genre: the ventures of science, its negative impact in a futuristic setting, and a conflict between nations. In this scenario, antagonist Victor Zaitsev performs a coup in the Russian Federation to seize control and attack the United States.

After wiping out San Francisco, Zaitsev threatens a similar fate upon NYC unless President Winters submits to him. As part of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, Sam Gideon and his newly acquainted companion, the decorated  Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Burns, are tasked with confronting the Russian force and interrupting their plans for devastation. 

Having access to said projects, Sam is fitted in an Augmented Reaction Suit that provides the abilities that set the stage for Vanquish’s gameplay. The suit is equipped with boosters for a quick getaway (or, you know, long hallways) that can be combined with another trigger to enter Augmented Reaction Mode. AR Mode slows your perception for precision shots, and can also be activated when your health is at a critical minimum.

AR Mode is the perfect compliment the some of the enemies you will face in Vanquish. The enemies are all a variation of mechanics. Many of these will have energy generators exposed at intervals in battle that need to be attacked to deplete their health. With a small target that is only accessible in short periods of time, the slow motion perception from AR Mode is your right-hand man.

Your suit also comes with a BLADE system that allows you to store and upgrade weapons. Therefore, rather than discovering a stock of Assault Rifle ammunition when you are at your maximum and having to abandon the loot where it is, you can pick it up to upgrade your weapon a level thereby increasing its accuracy, ammunition capacity or attack power.
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