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posted 3/6/2008 by John Yan
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ULTRA produces a wide range of products from case to power supply. I was surprised to see the company's headquarters is not located far from where I live. In fact they are about 10 minutes from where my wife lived for most of her childhood. When I browse through my local Microcenter in Columbus, Ohio I see a lot of their products on display. Today I'll be looking at their one of their case offerings in the m998 Mid-Tower ATX that's advertised as a gaming case.


As the name suggests, the m998 is built for ATX motherboards and is made of aluminum. The following are the dimensions from the product's website:

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions:
    Depth: 20.47"
    Width: 9.45"
    Height: 18.11"
  • Drive Bay:
    4 - 5.25" Bays
    5 - Internal 3.5" Bays
  • 2 - External 3.5" Bays
  • Material: 1.5mm High Grade Aluminum
  • Form Factor:
    Micro ATX
  • Expansion Slots: 7 Standard Slots
  • Case Fan Mounts:
    2 - 120mm Fan Mounts
  • Case Fans Included:
    2 - 120mm Fans
  • LEDs:
    Green - Power
    Orange - Hard Drive Access
  • Switches:
  • All panels removable for easy, tool-free access
  • Stainless steel finished removable Mainboard tray
  • Includes Ultra’s Power Bar power distribution system
  • Front eSata/Firewire/USB Audio ports
  • Interior and Exterior finish
  • Replace front Firewire/Audio/Microphone/eSata bracket with virtually any PCI slot-type bracket.
  • Easy access front panel:
    2 - USB 2.0
    1 - Firewire
    1 - Headphone
    1 - Microphone
    1 - eSATA
So let's dig a little deeper into what it offers. As you can see from the pictures, it's a pure black case with a side window. The exterior consists of brushed aluminum. The window takes up a good portion of the side of the case offering a nice clear and large view to the internals of your computer. The design is pretty simplistic so don't expect anything too fancy. The m998 is more about function than form though so it's a pretty plain looking case compared to some others in this price range.

On the right sided is the front I/O panel that can be accessed by opening the panel door. You just need to push it in a little and a spring pushes the door open slightly for you. One interesting addition to the front plate is the eSATA connector. I'm starting to see more and more external eSATA connectors so it's nice to have one that's easy to access without having to go to the back of the case. What's nice about the I/O area is that it's a standard PCI bracket so if your motherboard comes with one that you would rather use in the front of the case you can swap it out easily.

Four casters are included if you want to put the case on wheels. They easily lock with a push of a tab in case you don't want the wheels to roll. The casters attach to the case with four screws and they raise the case off the floor of course by a few inches. The casters allow for 360 degree movement when rolling the computer around.
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