Ultimate Spider-Man


posted 10/26/2005 by Sean Colleli
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As I said, the plot is classic Spider Man, and for a comic book it has some good twists, but it ends all too quickly.  I finished the game in two days, race retries included.  After all is said and done, you can still roam the city as either hero or villain, but this grows thin as well.  The replay value suffers from the repetition that Spider Man 2 had; you’ll be solving the same few crimes again and again, or blindly crashing through the streets until the military turns you into an unsightly ink spot on the pavement.

 The unlockable comic pages and extra costumes are a welcome addition, but they’re only eye candy.  No new powers or moves, no secret chapters, and you have to work hard for these shallow extras too.

Ultimate Spider-Man did a lot to improve on its predecessors, but it still isn’t as deep as it could’ve been.  The story was good if incredibly brief, and Venom injects some replay value, but it feels like the last pages of this book are mere pencil sketches, much less inked and colored.

Ultimate Spider-Man delivers a style change and a winding plot with impressive artistic flair. The action is over all too soon, unfortunately, and there isn’t a whole lot to keep you swinging afterwards.

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