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posted 2/22/2011 by Tina Amini
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One Page Platforms: 360
A lot of the platforming sequences also feel very familiar. Particularly, the sequence of wall running from one to another to get to a ledge is repeated multiple times. The redundancy makes the gameplay feel unoriginal, even if the world around you appears to be intriguing and unique. Fortunately, the music (several of which can be identified as the Daft Punk creation for the Tron: Legacy soundtrack) makes up for this monotony on occasion.

Multiplayer, although appreciated as a bonus feature, is a whole other monster in Tron: Evolution. With players jumping on their light cycles and chasing each other seemingly futilely, many of the huge maps feel like a mess. Other players will run on foot, sprinting and jumping away from each other while derezzing opponents with their particular chosen loadout. The maps feel like empty expanses, with very few points of encounter that function as an opportune place to meet for confrontation. After a while of playing multiplayer, players will understand where to go to interact with their enemies best, but none of the maps feel conducive to a battle environment. Multiplayer components of games are supposed to be addictive and competitive, but I felt no investment in winning any rounds of Tron: Evolution against human players.

For die-hard fans of the Tron universe, Tron: Evolution fits the bill for another piece of memorabilia. For those looking for a quality game with an immersing storyline, those qualities are remiss in this game.

* The product in this article was sent to us by the developer/company for review.

Tron: Evolution had the potential for expressing a unique and interesting story, but fell short of expectations. Thin character relationships and a rushed storyline with half-hearted cinematics to connect them are all players can look forward to. Platforming sequences don’t hold interest either, as they quickly become monotonous repetitions. While multiple forms of the light discs and upgrades for your program make the combat gameplay increasingly worthwhile, it’s never consuming enough to be exciting for new installations to your program’s memory. All in all, Tron: Evolution is a fairly forgettable game.

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