Trinity:Souls of Zill Q'll


posted 3/11/2011 by Peter Skerritt
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The story of Trinity: Souls of Z'ill O'll-- which I'll shorten to Trinity for the rest of this review-- revolves around Areus, a half-elf who survived at attempt on his life at an early age after a prophecy foretold that he was to kill his grandfather, the Emperor Balor. Areus' father was killed in the attempt on Areus' life, but he, his elven mother, and his adopted brother all survived and lived in seclusion for many years. Areus' destiny brought him to the city of Liberdam, where he became a gladiator under the tutelage of a former fighter named Darqin. As Trinity's story unfolds, Areus becomes an adventurer in order to gain strength and experience, and meets allies and enemies along the way as he becomes hunted by Balor once again and faces his destiny. The story touches on class differences and even racism as half-elves are disliked by humans and elves alike. The story is long-winded at times, and the spoken lines of dialog can be occasionally stiff, but at least there's a unique story to speak of here in Trinity rather than the retold battle stories from Dynasty Warriors.
Trinity attempts to flow like many other action RPGs. Areus and his party visit towns to accept quests, buy and sell items, and talk to various people about what's going on. Quests vary, including escort missions, monster hunts, and finding certain items. Each quest takes Areus and his party to specific areas which are infested with monsters. Dispatching these monsters earns experience and SP. Experience, as with most RPGs, leads to leveling up and increasing character stats. SP is used to power up abilities and magic. Most quests end with some sort of boss encounter, and these can be fairly challenging as timing and the proper usage of elemental attacks come into play. Loot can be obtained from chests, after battles, or can be picked up in specific locations indicated by each area's map. After the quest is completed, Areus reports back to the Adventurer's Guild in the town that he took the quest in and receives more experience points, plus any spoils promised when the quest was taken. Loot can then be sold at shops or equipped by the appropriate party member. 

There are times when certain party members are required to solve a puzzle, explore a new area, or execute the right attack strategy. Selene, a vampire-like Darkneith, has excellent aerial abilities and can reach raised platforms and other areas that other characters cannot reach. Dagda, the barbarian-style character of the group, can knock down walls and columns with ease, opening up crucial rooms for exploration or using the environment as a weapon against monsters. Each character has his or her specialized elements. Areus wields fire and ice while Dagda commands earth attacks. Abilities and elemental attacks become very important against stronger monsters and boss characters as some are resistant to melee or sword attacks. This leads to a bit of trial and error, as players will have to shift control from one character to another in order to find and use the proper ability that can break the monster's guard and open it up to a Break state. 
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