Tribes: Vengeance Interview


posted 6/16/2004 by Charles Husemann
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GamingNexus How does the art direction differ from the original series? What extensions have you made to the franchise?

Ben Lee: Tribes Vengeance is set before Tribes 1. We had the task of making it look "better" than the previous games, but it also had to look like the technology preceded Tribes 1. Overall , I've tried to design everything so it has bolts , straps and rocket tubes in place of seamless welds and glowing blue spots for engines. Tribes vengeance is sci-fi.. But it's diesel-powered sci-fi.

The biggest change from Tribes 1 and 2 is that our armors are not just skin variants, they have completely different design styles that reflect the individual tribe.. This extends to their base architecture as well.

GamingNexus Will users still be able to “ski” with the jetpack in the new game?

Ben Lee: Well , the jetpack and skiing are not the same thing. Skiing is controlled separately to the jetpack and you tend to use both techniques in conjunction. Instead of a hidden feature, skiing is now a legitimate movement form that is easy to learn , hard to master. From an art standpoint , you can see the grav-skates light up on the bottom of player's feet , and they adopt a different physics and movement system with accompanying poses while skiing.

GamingNexus Can you talk about the advantages of using Unreal technology and which bits of the engine are you using?

Ben Lee: The advantage for me is that we could make assets straight away and see how they looked (mostly) in game.

Ben Lee: We aren't using a lot of Unreal's features, as we wrote out own for many of them.

GamingNexus Have you added any new features to the engine?

Ben Lee: A programmer would have more information for you on this, but we added a lot. Normal mapping, glow effects, our own physics and movement system , havok integration , our own cutscene tools. Quite a lot.

GamingNexus How long will it take to complete the single player portion of the game?

Ben Lee: I don't know that yet , we are still in alpha, going on to beta. That sort of thing won't be finalized until later on.
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