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posted 1/13/2010 by Sean Colleli
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You still have to retrieve shards of bone from the affected area and rotate them back into place, but you can’t just stick them together with gel anymore; you must brace them with titanium plates and affix the plates by drilling screws into the bones. You need a light touch on the drill too—press too hard or go too deep and you risk making the fracture even worse. As in the previous games occasionally a fragment will be missing, but this time it isn’t conveniently embedded in the nearby tissue, but missing entirely. You must carve a new fragment out of artificial bone, tracing the unique shape with a laser to get the new fragment to fit just right. This whole procedure is a lot more labor intensive and as a result looks far more interactive.

Aram said that the total number of operations will be in the mid 40s, with each branch of medicine getting 7 or 8 operations. The forensics missions, which play like a first-person interactive novel like Phoenix Wright, don’t fit multiplayer well and thus will be single player only, but the other five branches have full cooperative support. Co-op was introduced in New Blood but felt a bit unbalanced and chaotic. Aram assured me that Trauma Team’s co-op has a cleaner division of tasks so you and your friend won’t be pouncing on the same suture or tumor over and over again. The difficulty is also balanced between solo and co-op, so you won’t have New Blood’s problem of being ridiculously hard in single player and too easy in multiplayer.

In fact, one of Trauma Team’s goals is to be more accessible to all Wii owners. Longtime fans of Trauma Center’s sadistic difficulty and impossible X operations need not worry—Trauma Team does have a hard mode, but you have to play through the game on easy or normal first to unlock it. Still, Atlus is hoping that the lack of time limits on some operation types, the more balanced co-op and a general decrease in gameplay frustration will make Trauma Team more approachable for people who aren’t already in love with the series.

There isn’t a set release date for Trauma Team yet but you can expect it within the first quarter. After watching just two operations I’m already psyched. From what I’ve seen, it looks like they addressed all of my complaints with the older games and are growing the Trauma Center series into something much richer and more engaging.

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