Trauma Center: Second Opinion


posted 1/10/2007 by Sean Colleli
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Music and sound suffer from a few of the same problems. There are many more voice samples this time to accompany the text, but you’ll still be reading most of your instructions. The catchy tunes that play between operations, and the life and death music itself have been rescored to have more gravity, and I only wish there was some new music to accompany the great pieces from the DS version. Dr Weaver is the only character to get any new music, and you don’t hear hers enough. That said, most of the sound effects are new, from the swipe of the suture to the cringe-inducing snag of a vital-dropping miss. 
It’s pretty clear by now that I like this game—a lot—and I’d definitely suggest it as a purchase. It is a sterling example of what the Wii is for; Second Opinion breaks ground in a quirky, creative new genre and utilizes the Wii remote with impressive effect.  Three difficulty levels make it easy for most anyone to pick up, but if you’re a veteran of Under the Knife, you can crank if up to the highest setting and make it ridiculously hard the way it was on DS. 
Even if you’ve seen every corner of Under the Knife, Second Opinion is a great launch title and I recommend it to new Wii users and fans of the DS game alike. Its updates make it enough to merit the price of a remake. It also shows us some room for improvement, and as only the second gaming in the series, I’m looking forward to some amazing sequels. What’s next? I’d like a small sandbox setup, that lets Dr. Stiles make his rounds in the hospital, random medical emergencies, maybe even trips out in an ambulance as an EMT. Fully animated character models, with full voice acting to back them up wouldn’t hurt either.
Atlus has one heck of a franchise on their hands, and I can’t wait to see more Trauma Center on the Wii.

Even as a remake, Trauma Center: Second Opinion is an innovative, challenging game that is one hell of a lot of fun. The hectic adrenaline pumping surgeries are back with more eye candy and a smoother interface. New difficulty levels make the game far more accessible than its brutally hard DS predecessor, and the new doctor and sixth chapter are the final incentive. The graphics and music are still rather dated, but on a whole Second Opinion is an excellent launch title and showcase of the Wii’s abilities.

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