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posted 6/22/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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My only complaint about the game’s gameplay is that sometimes it feels very slow. The only time that you really get a good sense of speed in the game is when you are playing as one of the jet characters and use your boost while flying. I would have liked to have seen a couple of the other ground based vehicles given that same speed ability; it makes sense that Optimus is slow and bulky... he transforms into a variation of a semi, but Bumblebee should be zooming around at almost lightning speed. This sense of speed is rectified in the multiplayer portion of the game, but I felt it was a big annoyance during the campaign. It isn’t a gamebreaker though ad is something I cam to overlook for the sake of a great story and experience throughout the rest of the game.

As good as the story is in this game, the main driving force behind the game is the multiplayer modes. The game includes a wide variety of varying gameplay modes that will allow you to challenge friends and foes alike in the actual War for Cybertron. Upon entering into the multiplayer aspect, players are given a chance to create their own Transformer(s) for use online. You can create one character for each of the four classes in the game: Leader, Scout, Scientist, or Soldier. As you rank up you character within each class, you will earn up to two more spots for two more characters in each given class.

When designing your character, you will mainly just be choosing a basic design and deciding the color scheme associated with that character, given which side of the War you are placed on. Theoretically speaking, you create versions of your character as if they were fighting as a Decepticon or an Autobot, depending on which side you land on when you jump into a game. You will also choose the basic load out for your character; you will choose not only primary and secondary weapons, but also special abilities that can be triggered throughout your playing time. The various abilities and starting weapons change given the class of choice and expand as you progress through the games lengthy leveling system. As you defeat opponents and complete various missions throughout your time online, you will be reward with XP which determines the rank of your selected class. Ascending the ranks within each class rewards you with stronger weapons and abilities to arm your character(s) with. Each class of character has their own ranking which you must work at increasing; it will be up to you to choose your class wisely based on your specific needs within a given game.

The individual classes are also awarded different awards for racking up kill streaks within a match. Special awards are given to players as they amass either 3-, 5-, or 7-kill streaks against an opponent. These streaks give the player access to a special ability that can be triggered by pressing the control pad in an indicated direction. There is a wide array of awards available, including health bonuses, weapon boosts, and even mass destruction attacks such as guided missiles which seek out your opponent(s).

The first of the four classes available is the Leader class. This class is more of the "tank" of the game and is usually controlled by those in the front lines of battle. The class gives you the option of starting with some of the higher powered weapons like the Fusion Cannon and Magma Frag Launcher and allows the use of abilities that strengthen not only yourself, but teammates as well. The second class is the scout. The Scout is the quick moving character class of the game and is more suited for people who like to stick and move. Their weapons aren't quite as powerful as the other classes, but their quick speed allows for more hits to be landed in an effective attack. The Scientist acts as the main support class for the game. Players selecting this class not only have access to the incredibly fast jet-form (think Starscream) but kill streak rewards that benefit your entire team as a whole. The final class is known as the Soldier class and is the most well-rounded of the four. The class offers a wide variety of weapons and skills to create a very well balanced warrior on the battlefield.

Once you have created your character(s), you will then be prompted to select a mode of play to enter into under either ranked or unranked play. Transformers: War for Cybertron offers 6 different types of competitive multiplayer and one type of cooperative. the cooperative mode is called Escalation and is best compared to the Gears of War Horde mode. This mode must be played with at least two players but can support a team of up to four. Unfortunately, you cannot use your created Transformer(s) in this mode and you must select from a roster of iconic Tranformers characters such as Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Iron Hide, Starscream, and many others. There is one map available per faction (Autobot versus Decepticon) and players will battle never ending waves of opponents that increase in power over time. As you defeat enemies, you earn differing amounts of points, or credits, which can be spent at kiosks scattered around the map(s) on health packs, ammo refills, new weapons, or to open up new areas of the ever expanding map.
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