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posted 6/22/2010 by Jeremy Duff
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The different characters included throughout the game are differentiated mainly by their class, which will be explained further when we discuss the multiplayer portion of the game. In brief though, characters in the game fall into one of four seperate classes, which determines the special abilities and starting weapons of each. Before it is all said and done though, you will likely have spent time playing as a character from each given class. Regardless of who you select at the start of a chapter, you will see the same story presented throughout; don't worry that you may miss something by choosing to play as Bumblebee version Optimus or vice versa, regardless of which campaign you choose.

Each campaign broken up into a series of chapters with individual checkpoints marked within each; players can resume previously completed sections though a simple scene selection that will allow them to access pretty much any portion of the game that they desire. It will take you approximately 5-6 hours to complete each side's storyline. The two campaigns can be played in any order too, though the story will follow more of a chronological line as you complete them in the order presented by the game, with the Decepticon campaign being listed as the first.

High Moon has written and presented a great story for fans of the series and unfamiliar players alike. War Cybertron not only chronicles the unknown history of the planet but also gives gamers a glimpse into the evolution of the larger than life characters that inhabit it. You won't just be presented with Optimus Prime as the leader of the Autobots, but rather you will follow his journey and rise to power as that leader. The same thing is true for both sides of the war; you will participate in and witness the events that set all of these important Transformers figures into their places in the series lore.

The entire process moves quickly though, which left me wanting to see and do more from a storyline perspective. The length is on average with most games of this genre when you take into account both campaigns, but as a fan of the original series I was left craving more. The story told in War for Cybertron is so well done and so true to the original series I grew up with that I felt my love for Transformers reborn.

The development team has done a very nice job of making you feel as though you are truly controlling a Transformer. These are, after all, giant, menacing mechs with an insane amount of gunpower. As one of these massive robots, you will be able arm yourself with two seperate firearms as well as grenades. The game doesn’t break any ground with the control schemes offered, as you have the ability to zoom in with the left trigger if you choose and fire with your right. Ammo management is key, though, as having a happy trigger finger will leave you pretty much useless on the battlefield. If you do run out of ammo for your guns, and you will, you have one of two options: utilize melee attacks by pressing the right thumb stick or transforming to your mechanical form with the left thumbstick. When you assume your vehicular form, you will have a new weapon that can be used, but note that the ammo for that gun will eventually run out too.

Words cannot express how well I think that High Moon nailed the transformation feeling in this game. This is how is should feel when you change forms in the Transformers universe. I had one of the biggest fan-boy moments of my life in this game during the Decepticon campaign. While running through a corridor under fire as Starscream, I came to an edge where I leaped off into the endless abyss and rather than falling to my death, transformed into a jet and rocketed out of danger. Casual players won’t appreciate that moment but I guarantee that die-hard fans of the series with. It was a moment that just left me in awe as if one of my oldest childhood dreams finally came true: I felt like I was actually a Transformer, if just for a few seconds. The feeling occurs a few times throughout the gameplay experience though. Tranforming plays a huge role in the gameplay, as it should, and it is handled almost perfectly.
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