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posted 5/21/2010 by Charles Husemann
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Are the single player and co-op campaign the same or are they two different separate beasts? Why do you think co-op gaming has become so popular now a days?
The story can be played solo with 2 AI buddies or in online Co-op with up to 2 other friends. The game is fun solo, but when you are yelling at your friends for heals, and distracting AI so your team can flank – it reaches a whole new level of fun.

For the single player campaign are we playing the robots we know and love or is it the tale of a new robot who will be interacting with those characters?
The campaign is centered on the named iconic Transformers and that is who you will get to play.

Robots that can change form into different vehicles presents some design issues, can you talk about how having robots in disguise changes level design? How more complex was this than designing other games?
We embraced the fact that you could be a vehicle at anytime; as such we designed around that concept. However, it was a significant challenge because we had to think about how players would approach the same challenges with different vehicles.

Can you talk about the multi-player modes a bit and what War for Cybertron is doing different than all the other third person shooters out there? What games did you identify as the ones to beat in the market and how are you trying to build on or raise the bar on them?
We have not yet announced all the modes but I can talk about a few. There are of course the skill-based modes like deathmatch and team deathmatch. But there are also a bunch of more tactical modes. My favorite is Conquest. There are 3 nodes that both factions fight over for control. When you control it your team earns points to ultimate victory. However the tactics that player use to gain or defend points varies greatly based on their abilities and vehicles, making it a competitive and challenging game.

Given that there are only so many hours in a day and so many shooters on the market, without resorting to "It's the TRANSFORMERS!" tell us why people should play your game over other games on the market?
Hard-core shooter fans are going to be surprised by how solid the controls are and how natural the shooting feels; this is not something they have come to expect from licensed games. On top of that, transformation and the abilities add a whole new dimension of tactical choices to the combat which results is a very unique experience – there isn’t anything like this out there.

Do you have any multi-player tips for when the game comes out?
Teamwork will always win over solo play in MP; learn what each class can do, strategize the synergies between classes and communicate with your team.

Will there be a demo or beta released before the game hits shelves? Are you planning on releasing any DLC for the game or not?
Unfortunately I have to remain silent on this one and not confirm anything. Stay tuned.

We'd like to thank Matt for taking the time to our questions as well as Wiebke who helped coordinate the interview.

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