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posted 5/21/2010 by Charles Husemann
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Activision is going back to the drawing board with their Transformers games this year.  With no movie to tie a game to, Activision is creating a new game based on the first generation of Transformers.  Curious to see how the game was going to work we asked Activision for an interview and here are the results.

Please introduce yourself and talk about your role on the project. What kinds of things do you do on a daily basis? How did you get into the game industry?
My name is Matt Tieger and I am the Game Director here at Highmoon Studios. I am responsible for the vision of Transformers; War for Cybertron.

The last Transformers movie didn't exactly set the world on fire critically; do you think that hurts your game at all?
We definitely have some convincing to do, however I am extremely proud of this game and I believe critics and gamers will really enjoy it.

How much pressure do you have knowing anything you do in the game will be cannon for the Transformers universe?
It is an awesome responsibility. Hasbro has been fantastic to work with and we developed a strong relationship from the very beginning – that is what made such a great story.

Can you talk about the voice talent for the game? How many of the old voices were you able to incorporate and who else did you bring in?
Of course we have Peter Cullen; there is a law against making a game without him I think. Other than him we picked a brand new cast of voices. This in particular was something that we worked very closely with Hasbro on.

How has the reception been for the designs of the Transformers that seem to have a mix of old and new design elements? Is there going to be a toy line that will be based on the designs from the game?
The TF fans have responded very positively to our take on Transformers. When we started this project it was beyond our expectations that Hasbro would decide to make toys, but when they did, it blew us away.

What's the final count of Transformers in the game going to be? How did you pick which robots made the cut and which ones didn't? Were you allowed to create any new robots for the game or not?
We did not need to make any new Transformers; there are 100s of cool ones already. We picked the cast based on the most popular core Transformers and then supplemented those with characters that were needed for game balance. As an example we include Warpath as a playable character not because he is the most popular Transformer, but because he is an Autobot tank and there are not many Autobot tanks.

How did you go about designing Cybertron? You've got a lot of source material to start with. but certainly not enough to design an entire game with.
Research, research, research. This was the beginning and then we just attempted to find our own way, selecting elements from other media and our TF research that felt right. Materials and the scale of the world were big issues for us and we focused our efforts on that.
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