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posted 6/7/2010 by Charles Husemann
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E3 is less than a week away so it feels like it's time to start cranking out the pre-E3 articles. This year is my eight time at E3 and I've already started forming a list of the questions that I'm looking to have answered from the show.

Will there be any surprise announcements or will everything leak before the show even starts?
In this age of gaming blogs it's a wonder that Sony was able to have at least one or two surprises at their E3 press conference last year. Every year it seems that more and more of the content of the press conference is either leaked or discovered before E3 week even gets here. This year I think we'll know most of what's going to be shown before the first journalist sets foot inside a conference hall, but I'm hoping that we'll get two or three big surprises during the first two days of the show.

Can the ESA keep the momentum going from last year?
Last year's E3 was a near perfect blend of the old school "shock and awe" E3 blended with the "We're here to do business" E3 of 2006-2008 and I'm interested to see if the ESA can keep the lid on exhibitors this year (I'm looking at you Activision). The show seems to have more exhibitors than last year, but I'm hoping that they can keep the noise down and the aisles clear. I'd mention that I'd see a limit on the beefcake and booth babes but I think that would get me lynched.

When will Move/Natal launch and how much will they cost?
Microsoft and Sony are going to be heavily pushing their motion control schemes at the show this year, so the first question is: when will the devices be available to consumers and how much will they cost. We all know that the systems will be out this holiday season but the big question is who will get their device on shelves first and who will have the cheaper device. Of course the Wii remote has been out for nearly four years so Sony and Microsoft are really battling for number two.

As an aside, it will be interesting to see the launch titles from Sony and Microsoft not only in terms of quantity but quality. Nintendo had a ton of motion games at launch but let's be honest, most of them were tired tech demos that didn't exactly trip the excitement meter. Hopefully Sony and Microsoft can avoid this problem with some engaging titles that don't fall into the shovelware category.

What will the final name for Natal be?
Microsoft has made it clear that Natal is not the final name for their motion control device so the question now is what will the final name be. I'm guessing we'll get this Sunday night at the Natal event but Microsoft could wait until their press conference on Monday to announce it. Of course the name will probably leak the week before making all of the PR planning moot.

What game will be this year's Scribblenauts?
At almost every E3 there is a game that comes out of nowhere and surprises everyone. Last year it was Scribblenauts, although Katamari Damacy falls into that category. Given that we got Scribblenauts last year I think we're due for an off year.
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