Tony Hawk Ride


posted 1/18/2010 by John Yan
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The game itself, in terms of the single player portion, is damn short. Take a few hours and you're bound to finish everything in the game. Yeah, it's worse than Modern Warfare 2 but at least you won't be fighting the controller in that game for most of the time. In Tony Hawk Ride, the majority of my time seemed to be have been spent just trying to keep myself upright which probably added to the time of an already short game.

Graphics are OK with some nice little touches. There’s nothing here to really make the game stand out graphically as the models, textures, and design aren’t anything special to talk about. Although I did like the effect when you activate your multiplayer where a sort of light trail followed you when you performed tricks. The character animation isn't too bad but can be wooden at times. Overall, Tony Hawk Ride looks like an average game compared to what’s out there today on the Xbox 360.

Tony Hawk Ride is a failed experiment in trying to reboot the franchise. The skateboarding peripheral seems like a well built item but the implementation needs work. I know Activision is hoping to develop more games for the thing but I don't know if it's such a good idea. Even simple tricks on the thing can throw you off and people usually stop playing after being frustrated a lot with a new controller. There's nothing in the game that really makes you want to come back for more and you're limited to the tricks to perform. I'll give them props for trying something different but this one should've been scrapped after a few test trials. I wanted to like the game but it was just too hard to play without being frustrated and given the expensive price tag of the game, it's hard to recommend Tony Hawk Ride at all to anyone.

While the skateboard controller seems to feel well built, the execution leaves a lot to be desired. You'll be spending more time fighting with the controller than trying to have fun with the game. Even then, the game's just not that enjoyable. Maybe next time Tony.

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