Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers


posted 2/7/2003 by John Yan
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On looks alone, War of the Whiskers has a great cartoon feel that brings the good old TV show to life. It’s too bad the gameplay is a little lacking and it’s really hard even on Easy level that little kids might get too frustrated with the game. I found myself losing multiple times, as the computer just wouldn’t let up on dealing the punishment. On easy level, the game shouldn’t be this hard and for a children’s game it should be a cakewalk but the AI is just ruthless.

At the start you only get Tom or Jerry to use. It’s only by going through the single player and finishing the game that you unlock the other characters to play. Why NewKidCo didn’t give you more than two at the beginning is beyond me but I feel that they should’ve included at least half of the characters to be playable from the onset. I don’t mind playing through a game to unlock characters but not giving you more than two from the beginning is a little disheartening. Even one of the game play modes is locked until you finish it with one of the unlockable characters. There’s just too much to unlock to get what should be available in the first place.

Another point of frustration can be the level event damage. For example, on the level that’s shaped like the docks, water will fill up the area at certain intervals. Any character caught in the water cannot jump out and will most likely be bitten by the sharks that swim around. All the levels have something like this and you are left helpless in the wake of the event should be you be so unlucky to be caught in it. I think if you were able to escape it once it happens, it would’ve been lot less annoying. The level events are pretty cool to look at though with some being an avalanche, a squid bashing a ship, and a floor of water freezing in a kitchen. Again, younger kids might get a little frustrated by the fact that some of them can be hard to avoid.

There aren’t many different moves as the game is pretty much an exercise in button mashing but that’s not bad considering the audience this game appeals to. It’s this button mashing that allows for kids and adults to play together without having to learn any complicated movements. It’s also this simplistic gameplay that might turn off people too. It’s hard to fault the gameplay for being one-dimensional though. War of the Whiskers lets you jump right into the game and start fighting without having to read the manual.

War of the Whiskers isn’t a bad game. It’s actually very nice to look at and for those Tom and Jerry fans who wanted to just give Nibbles, Duckling, or Jerry what they really deserved this game gives you the chance. I do have to say it was pretty satisfying bringing the hammer down on those cute but annoying characters that gave poor old Tom the bad rap. You can easily play the game with kids of all ages but you’ll have a lot of unlocking to do before you get a good selection of characters and levels to play with. NewKidCo has a decent game here and fans of the cartoon will enjoy it for a bit.

The great graphics are offset by mediocre gameplay. Fun for a little bit but can be quite hard for the younger ones.

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