Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers


posted 2/7/2003 by John Yan
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One Page Platforms: PS2
Tom and Jerry debuted in a 1940 cartoon entitled “Puss in Boots”. Back then Tom was known as Jasper and over the years have given me many laughs as Tom tried his hardest to get Jerry. Now NewKidCo is bringing the characters from the beloved cartoon to the Playstation 2 in Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers. A game rated for teens from a company well known for kids games, Tom and Jerry has beautiful graphics with great renderings of classic characters but the gameplay is a little shallow and hard for kids and adults alike.

Tom and Jerry in War of the Whiskers is a beat’em up game set in various interactive environments. The basic controls of the game are jump, kick, punch, pick up object, block, and taunt. Four modes of play include single player, tag team, Vs., and team play give you or you and your friend control over various Tom and Jerry characters in an all out brawl through 11+ levels. There are secret levels in addition to the eleven available. You don’t have to use just your paws to do your damage. If you’re a fan of the cartoon, you know Tom used a variety of weapons to try to get Jerry. The game features over 75 weapons for you to use against your opponent. Weapons come in all shapes and sizes and do a good amount of damage so it’s best that you try and utilize them to your advantage.

Let’s get to what’s good about the game. War of the Whiskers feature some great 3D modeling of the well known and some obscure Tom and Jerry characters. The designers and animators did a great job bringing 2D cartoon characters to life in a 3D console game. Fans of the show should be proud at how well the artists did in modeling the characters. Besides great renditions of Tom and Jerry, the supporting cast of characters has enough polygons to give them a very nice smooth look. The scale that the characters are to each other seem pretty accurate with Tyke, Nibbles, Jerry, and the duck standing pretty small next to the other characters. In addition to the great looking characters, the animations are also top notch. You’ll see cartoon inspired action such as a character being flattened into a pancake with a hammer and your enemy staggering around with a watermelon on his head. The taunts, in-game animations, pre-fight animations, and end-fight animations are all very well done.

All the battles take place in very nicely rendered environments. Named after animal takes on various famous movie titles, all the environments have numerous objects that can be picked up and used to deal more damage. Mailboxes, crates, and bats are just some of the weapons that you can find. All the environments are multi-level so you can jump around and reach various areas were objects spawn. Some areas are even deformable by hitting them or throwing your enemy into the wall. A pristine looking level can turn into a war zone after a round of fighting.
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