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posted 4/1/2003 by John Yan
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Some orders can be given by the usage of the mouse and Use key. You can order one of your teammates to open the door if the door icon shows up near the center bottom of the screen. Also pointing straight down and pressing the use key will call your teammates to fall in if they are holding in another position. Go commands to other squad members are easily done by a push of the key and when you are at the waypoint to call a group to go in you’ll get a nice easy pop up message telling you to do so along with the appropriate key. This relieves the burden of trying to remember where and who to call in. Ordering around other squads and teammates is pretty simple and you can be pretty effective without having to memorize a lot of keys.

With the one-shot one kill mentality you’ll be using the peek option a lot more. Raven Shield also includes a fluid posture mode where by your mouse will because your peeking control. When you hold down the fluid posture button you can move your head around in a more lateral direction mimicking stretching your neck to look around. Double tap on the button will snap your view back into place. It’s a nice touch and a useful feature when you want to control how much you want to peek out rather than using the peek button.

Another great addition is the ability to open doors at different degrees. Using the mouse wheel you can open the door just a crack, swing it wide open, or any amount in between. This is a great way to peek inside to see if there are any tangos and close the door shut quickly if you find some. I’ve used this feature a lot so as to not endanger myself when I sense the enemy on the other side with the heart beat sensor.

Movement is, of course, dependent on your stance. A vertical stance enables you to run quickly but will produce the most noise and inaccurate reticule. Crouching down will give you a lower profile and little less sound when moving quickly. A nice little caveat of this is if you walk backwards your movement will be slow and your view will bounce around like in real life. You can also lay flat on the ground to take up a sniping position. What’s missing and has always been missing from the series is the ability to jump or climb over obstacles. I’ve never understood why Red Storm left this out as even a minor jump or climb would’ve made it a lot more realistic. There were many times where I just wanted to climb over a table or jump over to duck behind but you’re left with running around it. Even a dive key would’ve been a welcome addition as there were also a few times where I was surprised by the enemy and wanted to quickly dive to the left or right of me and out of the way of his gun barrel. While it was a minor inconvenience to be missing these features in the first one, it should’ve made it in by the third chapter.
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