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posted 7/9/2009 by Dan Keener
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It appears that the controls and options have been simplified somewhat for the iPhone. What were some features and functionality that did not make it into the initial iPhone version that could be coming in future versions?
Controls in a touch based game can be tricky. If you over simplify them you risk cutting the difficulty of the game at its core, which in turn could make its replay value shorter. On the other hand if you make it too difficult, you risk completely shutting out a frustrated player. We attempted to hit a comfortable middle ground with our touch controls, most notably the swing mechanic. Our goal was to make a touch swing and putt system that was generally accessible to new players while leaving lots of room to grow in future game play. Easy to pick up but a challenge to master. We don’t feel in the end we really cut anything from the experience. The player is getting a full featured Tiger Woods PGA Tour experience that they can take with them anywhere. We will always be looking for new ways to expand upon that experience in the future.

Graphically, the game looks a bit challenged compared to other current handheld versions with comparable processing power and screen resolution (i.e. PSP and DS). What areas would the development team like to improve upon the most for future releases?
The response to the visual quality of our application has been extremely positive from the public, and we feel that we’ve got a game that stands out amongst more conventional handheld gaming devices. But as said before, we will always be looking for new and innovative ways to push the platform.

It appears that microtransactions were left out of the initial version of Tiger Woods for iPhone despite having a prominent role in many EA games. With the iPhone 3.0 OS introducing those capabilities in-game, can players expect to see that option added in some time in the future to add more courses, better equipment or different PGA and LPGA players?
At the time of release, microtransactions were not an option. Now that Apple has introduced the new 3.0 OS that includes this capability, we are looking into the many features that the new OS supports.

Are there plans to have the mobile Tiger Woods PGA Tour (and specifically the iPhone version) utilize online capabilities in the future? Would this be done on a local basis using Bluetooth (added in 3.0 OS) and/or connecting to dedicated EA servers via WiFi or data connection?
Speaking for Tiger Woods PGA Tour iPhone specifically, these features are something that we are definitely looking into for the near future.

Do the titles have to be developed with specs that are only capable of being ran on the weakest product in the device family (original iPhone/iPod Touch or a specific iPhone OS version), or is it developed for the latest products (iPhone 3G s and iPhone 3.0 OS) with backwards capabilities for lesser versions?
We strive to create an equally enjoyable product across multiple devices.

Are there any other details about Tiger Woods PGA Tour or other EA titles coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch that you would like to share with the readers?
Not at this time :)

We would like to thank Isaac for taking the time to answer our questions.

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