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posted 5/25/2007 by Ben Berry
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In terms of depth of game play, PGA Tour 07 has plenty to keep the player busy. The centerpiece of this is of course the PGA Tour. The tour offers 29 playable events, but in playing through multiple seasons there are events that you simply can’t play starting out, you have to qualify for them by placing in or winning other events. Playing through most of my first season, I didn’t make a cut until about the 10th event, and didn’t place in the top 20 golfers until nearly the end of the season. The difficulty of this mode is what keeps me coming back, even on days when I’ve already hit a bucket (or two) and want to play some more.
Along with the PGA Tour mode, there is also the Tiger Challenge, the goal of which is to work your way to playing Tiger Woods one on one. In the process of reaching Tiger, you play various types of games that highlight the unique styles of play available in the game (stroke play, skins, alternate shot, one-ball, greensome, and bloodsome) against golfers created for the game up through the best players on tour.
No game is perfect of course, and PGA Tour 07 has foibles, even if only a few. Aside from the course graphics which will hopefully be drastically improved in the 08 version, this game is in desperate need of a driving range. Golf is a game of practice, and of building confidence and expectation of the results of swinging a specific club with specific speed. Having a driving range would allow the player to take the confidence gained from repetitive shots with the same club out onto the fairway and know about where the ball will wind up. Yes, the “true aiming” system gives you a general idea on where the ball will land if your swing is straight and at full power, it doesn’t tell you about the particulars of your own swing and what it will do to the balls flight and destination, especially if you’re working through a case of the shanks.
For a golf fan, I’d have to say the Wii’s control system makes this game the most realistic game for a console yet. There are some golf simulation adapters that allow you to use your own clubs with the PS2 version of Tiger Woods PGA Tour, but most rooms don’t allow for the kind of space needed for a full club swing. PGA Tour 07 for Wii adds realism without compromising gameplay. Now if they can just get the graphics right and throw in a driving range, this game will really shine.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 for the Wii is exactly what you’d expect out of the premiere golf franchise in gaming on a console known for unique controls but less than stellar graphics. That said, while the graphics are a mixed bag, the controls were as good as or better than expected. Featuring 18 courses, 29 tour events, and the Tiger Challenge the game offers more than enough to keep any duffer occupied on rainy Saturdays when spending the morning on the links has been washed out.

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