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posted 12/26/2007 by Dan Keener
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It was another wild and wacky week from are friends at the ESRB, as they produced the least amount of rated games in a week I have seen since I started this article. On the flip side, just about every type of platform was represented (sans the PS3 of all things). There were a total of just 30 games rated, dominated by casual game maker PopCan games.

This week was dominated by casual games across just about every platform that is still viable. PDA, Mobile, MAC, Plug & Play, PC and Web dominated the scene. If you like card games puzzle games, games based on TV shows or education titles, this week was something special. Thank PopCan games predominately, but JAKKS Pacific tossed a couple plug and play titles into the mix as well.

Nintendo seems to have lost a bit of steam the last few weeks, with the Sony platforms pushing them for total titles last week, and PC completely blowing them away this week. It was interesting to see that Ubisoft was able to get Petz Hamsterz 2 rated for the Game Boy Advance, a platform that most have given up for dead. The Wii had a couple titles rated, but the DS continued to lead the Nintendo parade with five titles including Backyard Baseball 2009 and FIFA Street 3. I expect Nintendo to get rolling again after the first of the year passes

The next-gen system(s) were left with just the Xbox 360 carrying the banner, as the Playstation 3 failed to have a single game rated this week. Lost Odyssey (Feb 12th release date) and Rocket Bowl (XBLA, announced on May 1, 2007) both garnered ratings, with releases potentially a couple of months out. Obviously the Holidays are slowing down submissions and the PS3 did have eight turned in last week, but it would be nice to see a steady stream of games coming out for the current systems. It’s kind of embarrassing to see the older systems and handhelds have games cranked out two to three times the amount of the newer platforms.

The ESRB ratings held a couple of surprises, with Microsoft’s Lost Odyssey and D3’s Rocket Bowl making surprise appearances for the Xbox 360 and another Wii title (The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return) grabbing a M for Mature rating. Otherwise, the usual amount of sequels and casual games littered the list.

Title Rating Content Platforms
Backyard Baseball 2009 E  No Descriptors Nintendo DS
Brain Games 3 E  No Descriptors Windows PC
Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas E  No Descriptors Nintendo DS
LOST ODYSSEY™ T  Language, Suggestive Themes, Xbox 360
Magic Ball 3 E10+  Alcohol Reference, Windows PC
Need for Speed™ ProStreet E  Alcohol Reference, Mild Lyrics PSP
Petz Hamsterz 2 E  Comic Mischief Game Boy Advance
The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return M  Blood and Gore, Violence Wii
The Pirates at Ocean's Edge E10+  Animated Blood, Mild Violence, Windows PC
Mega Turrican E10+  Fantasy Violence Wii
My Life Coach E  Use of Alcohol and Tobacco Nintendo DS
Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - TV Game E  No Descriptors Plug-and-Play
Brain Games: More Word Puzzles E  No Descriptors Windows PC
Downstream Panic! E10+  Animated Blood, PSP
FIFA Street 3 E  No Descriptors Nintendo DS
Peggle Extreme T  Mild Blood, Violent References Windows PC
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 E  No Descriptors PlayStation 2, PSP
SpiderWick E10+  Mild Fantasy Violence, Nintendo DS
Super Brain Surge - TV Game E  No Descriptors Plug-and-Play
Bonnie's Bookstore E  No Descriptors Macintosh, Windows PC, Web Browser
Disney's Cinderella's Castle Designer E  No Descriptors Windows PC
Gary Gadget: Building Cars E  No Descriptors Macintosh, Windows PC
Hoyle Puzzle and Board Games Classics E  No Descriptors Windows PC
Mario Kart Wii E  Comic Mischief Wii
Mummy Maze E  Comic Mischief Macintosh, Windows PC,Mobile
Rocket Bowl E  No Descriptors Xbox 360
Pixelus E  No Descriptors Windows PC, Web Browser, PDA
Noah's Ark E  No Descriptors Windows PC, Web Browser, PDA
NingPo MahJong E  No Descriptors Windows PC, Web Browser
Word Harmony E  No Descriptors Windows PC

Here is the final tally on who, what and where everything was rated for the last two weeks. There were 30 rated entries on 12 platforms. Windows PC (14), Nintendo DS (5) and Web Browser (5) had the most games rated. There were 27 of the 30 games were rated at E10+ or lower, two rated at T for Teen and one rated at M for Mature.

Until next week, make sure you know what your kids are playing……
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