The Thing (Xbox)


posted 10/19/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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I’m going to violate rule number one of being a man right now, this game scared me and it scared me good. I literally played this game like a little wuss, hunched up on the back of my seat, always bracing myself for the next big thrill. Black Label Games’ The Thing delivers perhaps the most genuine thrills of any game to appear on the market this year, and that’s no easy task.

The story takes place after the events of the John Carpenter film so it could actually be looked at as a sequel of some sorts. Featuring an entirely unique story, scientists discover a strange liquid at an alien crash site. After coming in contact with the liquid, a superior officer becomes strangely ill. That’s when you come in. Assuming the role of Captain Blake, you and your squad are dropped into the site to investigate the occurrences. You’ll have three days until the plane returns for evacuation, just enough time to fit in the entirely storyline and a cavalcade of spine-tingling chills.

Thing is actually a beautifully done game. All of the visual elements are just amazing, from the characters to the NPCs to those freakish aliens, everything just oozes of quality. If you have a choice I suggest you pick up the Xbox version of the game, the textures are much richer and the blood looks much better. Though they are at the core, the exact same game, the Xbox is just a better visual package.

The audio portions are also well done, the voice acting is surprisingly good and breaks the clichéd started by Resident Evil. As you progress you’ll start to hear more and more noises, further heightening your fear. In terms of using sound as an atmospheric device, The Thing does a damn fine job of it. You’ll even have Dolby Digital Support so you’ll hear 5.1 channels of heart thumping effects. Again, due to the Dolby support, the Xbox wins in this platform race.
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