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posted 10/21/2002 by Michael Askounes
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Monday, October 14

Nintendo announced today that they have released the Super Mario Sunshine Bundle Pak in the U.S. This “pak” includes a Gamecube, one controller, one Memory Card 59, and a copy of the excellent first-party title Super Mario Sunshine. A drunk that lives near my house also let me in on a rumor that Microsoft would soon be offering the “X-Box A-List Games Bundle Pak,” which will consist of the X-Box console, one controller, and – ironically – a copy of Super Mario Sunshine. We kid because we love.

Microsoft announced that it’s upcoming “mech-ariffic” title Mechwarriors 4: Mercenaries has gone gold and will be available in stores on November 8. I’ve personally had the opportunity to play around with the marketing beta, and definitely feel that Microsoft has a quality title on their hands. Mercenaries is sort of a hybrid between Mechwarrior 4 and Wing Commander: Privateer that is sure to please fans of either game.

Tuesday, October 15

Electronic Arts today mentioned that it’s signed big-name Hollywood actor Gary Oldman to do some of the voiceover work for its upcoming Medal of Honor Allied Assault: Spearhead. The Sid & Nancy star will provide narration for some of the game’s historical video segments, as well as make lunch runs to Taco Bell for the development staff. When Gaming Nexus pretended to ask Mr. Oldman why he decided to take the job, the actor replied, “I'll wait for a confirmation that General Radic has been released; until then I will execute a hostage every half an hour..." Needless to say, we ran screaming.

If you read this column on a weekly basis, you’ll quickly come to the correct conclusion that I absolutely love any anime-inspired RPG’s that feature androgynous lead characters with spiky hair. So you just know that I had to double up on my Depends order when Sony Computer Entertainment of America announced the release of Wild Arms 3 for the PS2, a title that is sure to be knee deep in the type of middle-school melodrama that we console RPG fans love. Wild Arms 3 is set in an “old-west” type environment, and features an “enhanced” battle system. By the way, “enhanced battle system” is often marketing-speak for “same old battle system with new fonts.”
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