The Rebirth and Death of GoldenEye


posted 5/20/2008 by Sean Colleli
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January14th 2008—Kotaku allegedly speaks to sources within Microsoft, who were closely related to the GoldenEye remake project. These sources say that the project was mere months from completion, but Nintendo was responsible for halting the project.  Blame lies directly with Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata, who didn’t want any game that was previously exclusive to a Nintendo console to be released on another platform, period.  Kotaku advises that this is a one-sided source.  They also post the same screenshot revealed by Oddjaw2, and say that their sources “pointed [them]” to its location.

January 22nd 2008—Joystiq reports on a video posted to that purports to show the remade GoldenEye.  The video is a comparison of the Silo level from the original game and the new enhanced remake.  During the footage of the supposed remake, a frames per second counter is visible in the upper left corner of the screen.  The graphics and effects, particularly the guns that Bond is carrying, match those in the screenshots provided by Oddjaw2 and other sources.

February 21st, 2008—Kotaku reports that a European gaming magazine, Xbox World 360, promises to disclose major details about the GoldenEye remake in an upcoming issue.  The Xbox World 360 blog had been teasing its readers for a week by releasing pieces of a screenshot from the remake.  The next day on February 22nd the Xbox World 360 blog reveals the whole screenshot.  Joystiq confirms this on February 22nd, linking to the screenshot and the blog post.  Here is that screenshot:

February 25th 2008—The Xbox World 360 blog reiterates that the next issue of their magazine, set for release on Weds. February 27th, will have a four-page expose on the GoldenEye remake project and its demise.  They also say that they have confirmation from Microsoft, and include two new screenshots in the blog post. 

On the same day, Eurogamer reports that they spoke with Microsoft Games Studios.  Microsoft flatly denies any involvement with such a project, says that Xbox World 360 and their article are mistaken, and that they never spoke to them.  Joystiq and Kotaku report on Eurogamer’s remarks.

February 27th 2008—the issue of Xbox World 360 is released, containing the promised feature.  It begins by summarizing the forum posts by Oddjaw2 and the information he gave.  There is no commentary from Microsoft in the article, aside from the usual “we do not comment on speculation,” but the article does contain several high resolution screenshots and details about the remake.  The article ends by urging readers to contact Rare and Nintendo, and petition them to resume work on the project.

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