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posted 10/2/2007 by Charles Husemann
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What kind of bad guys will players be taking out?  Is there a certain population of bad guys per level? 
Enemies you’ll face range from pistol toting street-punks to chain-gun toting tough guys. The placement of enemies changes from level to level and between different difficulties. However, if you play the same level with the same difficulty, the placement will be the same; this is intentional because a big part of the fun in The Club is learning the level and exploiting the placement to score higher in the same way that you learn the corners in a racing game and exploit the way you take them to win.
Any thoughts about downloadable content for the game after it ships?  Any chance we could see new weapons, levels, and bad guys after the game ships or not?
Currently we’re concentrating on getting the game finished; The Club supports downloadable content but at the moment we’re unable to comment as to if we are or are not going to do it.
It looks like you've got a lot of multiplayer modes. What were the core concepts behind the multiplayer modes?  Any chance you could give us some hints about what the Hunter Hunted mode or Team Siege modes are?
Some of the game modes are interpretations of the single player game modes, others are modes which fit into The Club’s setting, and some are just plain fun! Hunter Hunted is all about becoming the hunted and staying alive as long as possible. It’s kind of like the playground game ‘tick’ in that if you kill the hunted, you become the hunted. When you’re hunted you can’t stand still – the hunters have a radar which show them where you are all the time – the hunted player does not get a radar so you can’t just camp out. Team siege is another time based mode where players find themselves either in attack or defense. Defenders get one life and attackers continually re-spawn. To win teams must survive for longer as defenders than the other team. The game mode is so fast paced and frantic that all of those micro decisions players make become more important. Teamwork is essential to keep the attackers at bay and out-survive the other team.

Is there anything else about the game that we didn't cover that people should know about?
There’s a lot more to the scoring than we’ve covered earlier. Even when you are playing single player, you are competing against scores from players around the world. All scores are uploaded to on-line tables and players can use these tables for challenges beyond the target scores of the game levels. Additionally, we have several ways of playing our levels – tournament has you playing a series of levels and competing within a leader board with scores set by the other player characters. ‘Single event’ lets you choose unlocked levels and play them in isolation (the place to go to beat those on-line high scores) and ‘gun play’ is a party mode, where gamers can build their own play-lists of levels and challenge their friends in a ‘pass-the-pad’ style of gaming.

We'd like to thanks Matt for taking the time to answer our questions and to Scott for helping to coordinate the interview.

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