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posted 10/1/2007 by Charles Husemann
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Is the plot of the game fairly linear or does it branch at some point?  Is there more than one ending?
There’s only one ending and that’s the way it is supposed to be. Why? Well, as you start playing you’ll get the idea; but we won't spoil the story for you :-).

What kind of missions will gamers be flying in the game?  Is there anything other than the standard kill everything in the sky/escort mission system we've seen in the past? 
There will be a variety of missions – including the evacuation of people from dying stations, the destruction of orbital turrets that protect an ancient city, a joint battle with ancient allies; fighting to save survivors of massive battles; fights with giant Capital ships and much more.

Will you have wingman with you on the missions and if so how many can you have at one time?  What kinds of things can you do with your wingmen?
The player will be assisted by very intelligent allies, each of them having a fighter at his disposal. The allies are a key element in the game, as you’ll need them to complete missions, cover your back, etc. You can’t command them, but they are smart enough to know when you’re in trouble and provide assistance.

How many ships will be available in the game?  Will you be able to customize them at all or are they pre-defined?  What kinds of customization options do you have in the game? Can you have more than one ship at a time or not?  Do you have a particular favorite ship or weapon?
You can customize your ship starting from a basic shell by selecting from the list of hulls, engines, armor, reactors, shields, weapons, etc. You will be able to change the ship configuration in every mission. Thus, the player’s fighter is a kind of model kit you can assemble and dissemble, enjoying the process and feeling that you are making a design just for you. We also have the option of automatic configuration for lazy players.
My favorite weapon is a mini-laser “Tristan”, which is fast and powerful. When paired with the proper cooling system (it influences how long you can shoot before having a cool-down period) it is an excellent means of terminating your enemies. I also have a favorite hull, the “Hellchild”. Though it is weaker than other hulls, it actually increases the damage your ship’s cannons deliver. Also I like the way it looks.  J
Some of the early previews mention a crafting system based on items that you pick up during the missions.  How is this going to work?  Is there a limit on how many resources you can hold onto at one time?  If you craft something for one ship is it locked to that ship or can you share components between ships?

That’s not quite how it works. The player can disassemble the items he/she receives when in the hangar and create various ship-upgrading devices from the collected resources. Any device can be set to any crafted ship; however the number of these items is limited. Your engineer can do all that between missions.

You can’t pick up items during missions – that’s a little “too arcade” for our liking.

Can you give us an overview of the controls of the game?  Do we need to break out some joysticks out of the closet or will be able to use a Freespace style mouse controls?  What is your favorite way of piloting your ship?
Initially, we made the controls like they were in Freespace – just using the mouse and keyboard  however later we added joystick control so it’s up to you to choose the best option

Is there anything else important about the game that we didn't cover?
I would love to note the great work our scriptwriters did to create and develop the Enosta universe the game takes place in. The dying-off of the universe that takes place in the game makes the characters’ personalities much “harder” and, at the same time, makes them a little more philosophical. We have been developing the characters, their histories for a long time to make them fit this mold. Every pilot of Talestra is a unique personality, and just about every one of them has suffered through some traumatic experiences in their past.. That influences their moral values and outlook.

Thanks to  Vyacheslav for taking the time to talk to us and a big thanks to Ted for coordinating the interview and doing all of the translation work.

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