posted 12/2/2002 by Tyler Sager
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The game looks good in addition to having a solid story. The graphics aren’t flashy, but they’re very well done, and do a very good job of giving the feeling of a journey through a slightly fantastic world that has been living just inside of the world we know. The automaton theme that is applied throughout the game is very cool, both in appearance and overall atmosphere. This being said, there was a glaring graphical bug that popped up toward the end of the game, leaving huge parts of the screen rendered in white blocks. This didn’t make the game unplayable, but it certainly detracted from the immersion that I had in the rest of the time. I believe there is a patch to correct this, but the patch failed to work on my system (or I failed to work the patch).

Completing our immersion into the story, the sound is quite good. Music is wonderful, and ambient sounds are excellent. Voice acting was a mixed bag—Kate was quite good, as were some of the supporting cast. However, some of the other characters were just plain bad. Thankfully not too much time was spent talking to them. The choice of accents was interesting…on a journey through Europe we see quite an eclectic mix of accents, most of which are definitely not European. Not necessarily a bad thing, and certainly quite amusing.

The game is quite short—I finished in well under 10 hours. It was time enough to tell the story, but it did feel a bit on the brief side. The game would probably have gone much more quickly had they implemented a “quick move” feature. There are lots and lots of screens to adventure through in Syberia, many of which are visited several times. This all makes for a lot of time watching Kate wander around. While I’m thankful for the “run” command, I would have been much more happy with a way to move from screen to screen more quickly rather than see Kate stop at every door and staircase exit, square herself up, and slowly walk to the next area. Lack of a quick move function is my only real quibble with the game, however.

Syberia is a good game, one of the better adventure games to come out for some time. It certainly doesn’t have much in the way of longevity, and those who aren’t thrilled by adventure games should give this a pass. But there’s an appealing game here for those old-school adventure gamers like me.

A short little adventure game that harkens back to the glory days of the genre. A good game for those who miss the old days of adventure games and for those wondering what we old-schoolers keep talking about.

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