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posted 3/30/2010 by Tyler Sager
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Sending anything to the front lines can be a bit of a tricky decision, however, as pathfinding was often sub-par. I many times found my units wandering almost aimlessly, often tripping over one another as they meandered their way toward the enemy. Then I would return my view to my home base, where my engineers and even Commander were doing a spinning little dance, trying to disentangle themselves from the various units and buildings, when they should have been patrolling and repairing my defenses.

Speaking of views, the Supreme Commander series touted its ability to sweep the view high into the heavens to oversee vast amounts of battle lines and combats. That's all well and good, but in Supreme Commander 2 I hardly ever found it necessary to "go epic" in my control scheme. The maps weren't that large, the armies didn't number all that great, and there was just no reason to pull the camera back for that sweeping birds-eye view. This was one of my biggest disappointments, as I was really hoping to orchestrate brilliant, multi-faceted assaults and repulsions on a global scale.

As for the nuts and bolts, Supreme Commander 2 looks good, but it's not certainly not a graphical wonderland. After a few hours, I hardly noticed the looks of the units anymore, other than the occasional Experimental, and even those quickly became uninteresting to see. I often complain about not being able to tell my units apart, and while this is the case in Supreme Commander 2, it's not all that important. Since I'm often fielding blobs of units at a time, there was really no need to tease apart individual units for specific tasks. It was often a case of "get 'em" , with a tweak here and there for the Experimental units. The game's sound was solid, the voice acting in the single-player campaign was tolerable. The campaign itself was a nice introduction to the various units, but not much more. And, of course, the skirmish modes against the almost passable AI or much-better human opponents are always an option for those who want a bit more.

Overall, while I had some fun with Supreme Commander 2, I don't think I would go out of my way to play this over any of the other RTS titles available to me right now. I cannot speak for fans of the original, but I have a feeling that this is not the game they were expecting. Supreme Commander 2 is a solid, if uninspired, title that hints at something that could have been much better.

A surprisingly middle-of-the-road RTS excursion, Supreme Commander 2 fails to live up to the expectations set forth by its larger-than-life predecessor.

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