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posted 1/28/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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Suikoden 3 is all about out with the old and in with the new. The regular combat system has been changed as well. Although this time it is not for the better. Now your party is comprised of pairs who fight together and share actions. So if select the attack option then both characters will attack. If you have one character use an item then the other will attack. Or if you want to have two characters cast spells then you better make sure they aren’t fighting as a pair, because only one unit will get a spell off. This system is meant to encourage combination attacks but there will be times when the combo attacks will seem useless. And if you wanted to have a character use an item and then defend well then you’ve got yourself a problem. Why Konami changed the combat system this much is beyond me. It makes the battles more difficult than they really need to be. Another thing that was added was a kind of timer bar that allocates when your character will move and attack. Just think of Grandia except without the ability to cancel your opponent’s attacks. This battle system takes some getting used to but once you understand it then there is nothing to it. However it is probably the only really “bad” thing that can be said about this game.

The mellow musical score is also something worth noting. The battle music is a cheerful type romp that you’ll more than likely forget, but the war and boss music will stand out the most. The towns have very laid back tunes that are of a Celtic nature and are very fitting. One of the best and most moving pieces of music comes from the opening movie and will be what really sets the tone for the game.

In the end I can not recommend this game enough. This is one of the best RPGs released in recent memory that is not a Square production. If you’ve played the past Suikoden games then prepare for a wild departure from what you’re used to. But at the same time you’ll find familiar territory and you’re sure to love it. And even if you have not played Suikoden games in the past this game stands alone as one of the best PS2 RPGs out there, you can easily pick up and play this game. And if you happen to know the story of the past games then you’ll enjoy this game that much more. If you need a new RPG to play, then this is it. You simply can not go wrong with this game.

Quite simply, easily the best RPG released in the past year.

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