Suikoden 3


posted 1/28/2003 by Matt Mirkovich
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One area where you are going to notice a major overhaul is how you acquire spells and skills in the game. While runes are your primary source of magic there now is a bit more effort required to powering them up. As you fight you gain skill points which in turn are spent at a tutor who will improve your magic skills or a bujitsu teacher who will improve combat skills. This is a pleasant change of pace. As you start the game you will notice that your magic abilities are quite weak and as you gain skill points you can go see a tutor who can power up your runes to make the spells cast faster and more efficiently. Some characters can save their magic points by casting high level spells at lower levels.

Each character has a limit that their skills can reach, through a grading process you can see your character’s skills go from E to S. And if you get a character with the ability to reach an S class in anything then they are a definite keeper as they will prove to be invaluable during combat. However if your skills are kept low you will get your spells cancelled by heavy hits. Combat skills are handled by the bujitsu teachers. The same points that are used for magic are also used for combat skills. Combat skills include being able to continuously attack, ability to defend with a shield, critical hits, field movement, and more. Its great having a character that when close to the enemy will attack eight times. Couple that with a rune that increases critical hits and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Another thing that was changed was the war system. This has changed every game and I think with this game they’ve hit the nail right on the head. You are no longer given the nameless thousands who would fight for your cause; rather it is all dependant on the characters you have been leveling up during the course of the game. This is another thing that encourages you to use all your characters. For if you stick weak units in the wars you are going to get wiped out. Also when moving units you are given a sort of home field advantage. If combat takes place on your own ground you can receive different types of bonuses. Like being in a castle will reduce the damage you take during the fights by upwards of forty percent.
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