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posted 5/16/2005 by Tyler Sager
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The crime system also needs a bit of work. No matter how happy the peasants are, some of them will try to supplement their incomes through nefarious means. There are a wide range of “rehabilitation” devices available, from gibbets to executioners’ blocks to less lethal punishments. While it would seem better to use the less lethal forms, they can completely mess up the city. If the gong worker is caught stealing a little extra from the granary, he’s taken to the punishment center of choice. While he’s there, no one else fills his post, and sewage fills the streets. Simply have him hanged, however, and a fresh gong worker will rush into the newly vacated job.

No matter how well the city is run, eventually someone will want to try to take it away from you, so a good defense is needed. Here is one of the most glaring problems with the game. A wide variety of stone and wood walls, towers, and defensive armaments are available. Unfortunately, most of them just don’t work. I expect walls to keep people out. But, due to some sort of clipping issue that I don’t quite understand, I would often find the enemy simply phasing through a seemingly solid wall. And while the AI is horrible in all other areas, it seems to know exactly which chunk of wall is actually an illusion, and proceeds to pour all 50 units through at once. I’ve seen this happen with single, double, and triple-thick walls. In fact, after trying a layered-wall approach, I watched in astonishment as the enemy walked up to the first wall, phased into it and reappeared behind the second wall, without ever crossing the intervening space.

Thankfully, the enemy AI is poor enough that even these glaring glitches don’t pose too much of a problem. Sieging enemy castles is a joke, as most of the enemy units can be lured outside the walls to be slaughtered by archer fire. As for defense, barring the wall clipping issue, there are a few castle configurations that all but guarantee a victory against even the biggest forces. This is a good thing, since actually controlling the military units can be a bit of a chore. For whatever reason, Stronghold 2 places the “select a unit” and “move to” command both on the left mouse button, causing no end of headaches. More clipping issues cause multiple units to occupy the same space, making it a nightmare to tease the archers out of a group of pikemen. And poor AI and pathing means babysitting the units more often than should be necessary.

Stronghold 2 ships with two single-player campaigns, one focusing on the city-building aspect and one focusing more on the military campaign. Neither had a strong storyline, but they did a decent job setting up the various scenarios. Once these are over, there are sandbox games, skirmishes, and multiplayer options.

The game looks good, with quite a bit of detail packed into the 3D engine. Unfortunately, once the screen fills with units and buildings, things get quite chuggy, seriously slowing things down. The sounds are fairly bland, and the voice clips are downright annoying. Why French troops would have poorly-done British accents is beyond me. The interface is also unwieldy. I expect my RTS games to have hotkeys for building various structures and opening interface panels. While there were a few hotkeys available, I spent too much time mousing through the interface to get my cities built. Although the game can be paused to issue orders, this is still annoying.

Stronghold 2 just doesn’t feel like a finished game. For all the problems I’ve reported, I did enjoy parts of the game. There are just too many places where a little extra play testing, or a little extra debugging, would have made a great deal of difference. I played the unpatched and the 1.1 patch version, and both are lacking. This is very disappointing, as I can see a very good game hiding somewhere in all these glitches. Perhaps after a serious round of updates that good game will emerge, but for now Stronghold 2 is just not worth my time.

Stronghold 2 is a promising castle sim that just got buried in bugs and questionable design. There are a lot of great ideas here, but unfortunately none of them get to shine through. This one might get a lot better with patches.

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