Straight Scoop Vol.1 No. 9


posted 11/4/2002 by Michael Askounes
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Hello to everyone out there in e-land, it’s your man Mike with another poorly written but seldom read edition of the Straight Scoop – the column where we tell you the news the way you ought to hear it. Also, a quick note to the one person out there at reads this column (no, I’m not counting you, Editor!), I’ll be taking next week off as I’ll be in sunny San Francisco attending a party that Westwood Studios is throwing to kick-off their new title Command & Conquer: Generals. They’re even picking up the tab!

On to The Straight Scoop… remember that this is an editorial take on the news, so the author (that’s me!) will definitely make his opinions known and will try to put more of a gamer’s perspective on the news as opposed to the usual PR Department-driven copy that you usually find on the ‘Net and in print. We hope you enjoy the Scoop, and welcome your feedback as well as your financial contributions. Not necessarily in that order…

As always, if I decide a story is not interesting enough I completely reserve the right to make stuff up.... If you’ve got any “dirt” you want to share with me, or just want to give me a hard time, contact me at

Lay down all thoughts… surrender to the void…
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