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posted 1/8/2003 by Tyler Sager
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That being said, there does come a time when all the dust settles and the battles come to an end. At this time, depending on the level of success for a particular mission, you are granted prestige to make everything bigger and better. Prestige can be spent on anything from better weapons and engines to a better crew to an entirely new ship. Each of the empires has a selection of ships available, and toward the end of the campaign you’ll find yourself commanding some pretty impressive hardware. I do have to comment that the Borg also use this same prestige system, something I find quite amusing. Apparently, even in a hive community in which there are no individuals and everyone is equal, some of those non-individuals are still more equal than others.

On the technical side, I found few problems with the game. I heard of some complaints of stability from the gaming community, but I didn’t experience a single crash during play. Sound was good, but most of was taken directly from every other Star Trek game out there. Of course, most of the sound effects were ones that should never be heard in the vacuum of space, but I digress. The background music had a habit of cutting in or out unexpectedly, which was a bit distracting at times. Graphically everything looked good, apart from the questionable choice of on-screen text. Many text messages were colored red or yellow, and for the most part this stood out well from the black of space. However, when moving in front of a star or particularly colorful nebula, the text becomes impossible to read. This is especially dangerous when that text contains a readout of distance to that rapidly closing planet…

I won’t recommend SC3 for anyone that isn’t a hardcore Trek fan. I know there are better space combat games out there, and I know there are better Star Trek games as well. All in all, Starfleet Command 3 is a game that will probably not linger in the memories or hard drives for very long.

A not-so-exciting combat simulator set in the Star Trek universe. Only recommended for those who need the next Trek fix.

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