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posted 7/1/2003 by John Yan
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One of the better Star Trek games of recent past was Elite Force. The first person shooter wasn’t trying to push the boundaries of the genre but to offer a nice action packed Star Trek game. Warp ahead a few years later and now we have Elite Force 2 and the return of the Hazard Team.

You, as Captain Alex Munro, lead an elite team sent in when the action’s too dangerous for Captain Picard. While the original game took place on the Voyager, the new one has you on board the Enterprise. Only Picard from Next Generation and Tuvok from Voyager lend their voice to the game. Reginald Barclay is in the game, but I couldn’t recognize if it’s the same actor’s voice. The game does start on the Voyager though as you free the Voyager from the Borg’s clutches and then have the team broken up as a big thank you from Starfleet. The main game takes place several years later as the Hazard Team is reassembled for duty.

Still using the Quake 3 engine, Elite Force 2 still looks well done. While the engine doesn’t show off anything jaw dropping, the Ritual team did a good job designing the Enterprise environments and the other ones you visit as well. As you walk around the ship, you feel like you are traversing the halls of the Enterprise as the architecture accurately recreates the look and feel. The architectural design of the other levels is not bad either. Although if I don’t see another Jefferies tube again it will be too soon. From various planets and environments, Elite Force 2 gives the gamer a nice variety.

The character models are done well from the humans to the unique aliens you will face. One thing I noticed was that the mouths are actually modeled so you’ll see depth inside of them when the characters are talking. This small touch makes for a more realistic talking model. When the characters interact with you their head rotates to wherever you are standing. Nothing new but again another nice little touch to make them more realistic. They also speak with hand motions and gestures and aren’t lifeless computer generated characters. The Attrexian and the Idryll are the two main races you’ll encounter and they come complete with glowing clothes. The Attrexian are the more alien looking race while the Idryll are mostly humanoid with weird eyes and some funky tattoos.

You’ll witness crewmembers conversing or traveling to other parts of the ship so you’ll feel like the ship is inhabited. Some of the conversations offer some more insight on the past or current mission along with the feelings of the crew. You’ll also find one funny take on the Star Wars conversation between Obi Wan, Luke, Han, and Chewbacca at a tavern. I enjoyed the inclusion of NPC and their conversations as it adds some life to the environment.
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