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posted 10/13/2002 by Charlie Sinhaseni
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When you think of Dinosaurs what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If you said Foxes and Toads then you’ve probably been hiding under a rock, or perhaps you just work for Rare or Nintendo. The Star Fox universe initially had nothing to do with this title, Dinosaur Planet began life as an entirely unique franchise that had no ties to Nintendo’s money making franchises. Suddenly, the big N stepped in and decided to implant their beloved Fox into the fray and thus Star Fox Adventures was born.

Starting out as just simply Dinosaur Planet, Nintendo came up with the brilliant idea of infusing its Star Fox characters into the foray and arriving at a title known as Star Fox Adventures. Placing the beloved franchise into the hands of a more than capable developer, Nintendo looked to have a surefire hit on their hands. I mean, you’ve got Star Fox and Rare, that’s an un-beatable combination on any given day. But for some reason, this game just feels to be a bit lacking in most departments and the end result is an above average platformer that just barely surpasses expectations.

Being that this is Rare’s last Nintendo produced title they obviously wanted to go out with a bang. That means this title features some of the niftiest that the GameCube is capable of. You’ll get Dolby Pro Logic II rendered sound streams and the option to play the game on progressive scan mode. I had the pleasure of testing this on my friend’s high-priced television. The image is like no other, coming in crystal clear and more beautifully than I could have imagined. Having a nice Pro Logic II setup really helps you get into the game too. This is definitely one of the better looking and sounding GameCube games on the market. If you need a good comparison of just how far Fox has evolved I suggest you compare this model to the one that appeared in Smash Bros. Melee. The rest of the world is equally as beautiful, shimmering ponds, real-time lighting and beautifully mapped terrain litter this gorgeous title. Star Fox Adventures is easily one of the most beautiful and technologically advanced titles available for the GameCube.

Initially developed for the defunct Nintendo 64 console, Star Fox Dinosaur Planet went through a development cycle that rivaled that of the PC debacle Daikatana. When the game was first announced it came amidst great fanfare and excitement. It had the gaming community abuzz and the momentum was just massive. Facing numerous delays and miscues, the title eventually fell off of the N64 release charts and on to the GameCube waiting lists. The delays were so bad that it eventually fell off of the radars of fans as they searched for a viable alternative. This September, the title finally saw the light of day as it hit retail stores nationwide but would gamers be willing to forgive the long development cycle and the delays and perhaps more importantly, would it really be worth the wait? I can’t speak on behalf of gamers the world over but if you ask me, StarFox Adventures is a huge disappointment that doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre. It’s not that SFA isn’t a good game, I was just expecting it to wow me and knock me off my feet but sadly it fails to do so. Sure I had high expectations coming in, but would you really expect anything less from a developer like Rare?
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